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Settings: Mac OS X v. 10.3

OS X does not need any adjustments to the settings to use Hebrew and Greek input methods once the appropriate input methods are installed and activated. If you will primarily use Greek, most of the word processors available for OS X will work well. However, if you plan to use Hebrew, the use of right-to-left scripts is not well supported by word processors for OS X.

Here are some common word processing solutions for Hebrew:

Mellel: available for purchase ($35 educational/$49 regular) from
Mellel is the best available solution for using right-to-left scripts (Hebrew) in OS X. It allows for smooth transitions between languages and provides an excellent writing environment with many customizable settings (e.g., the ability to pre-select fonts for a desired language). If you plan on working at any level with biblical languages this program is well worth the price (it is worth it even if you are not working with biblical languages). A free 30 day trial is available here.

Microsoft Word: available for purchase with Office: Mac 2004 ($149 educational/$399 standard) from
Word on the Mac does not fully support right-to-left scripts. Often this causes problems with the input and display of Hebrew letters (more so with Unicode than with Legacy Fonts). When a legacy font is used, Hebrew letters can be typed in backwards. However, this does not work when using Unicode. Sometimes Hebrew letters that are cut and pasted into a Word document reverse order. If you often use Hebrew text, Word is not an ideal word processing solution.

Text Edit: included with OS X
Text Edit works well for basic entry of right-to-left scripts, but its functionality is severely limited. Since a wide range of formatting options are not available in Text Edit (including footnotes and endnotes), it is not a viable word processing solution.

NeoOffice: freely available open source office suite from
NeoOffice is a port based on the open source office suite OpenOffice ( It offers partial support for right-to-left scripts. However, it suffers similar hindrances as Microsoft Word. If money is an issue, NeoOffice is the best word processing solution.

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