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Typing Mac OS X v. 10.3

Recommended Keyboards:


Hebrew-QWERTY Layout (.dmg file) freely avalable from

This phonetic layout includes all of the necessary keys for biblical Hebrew.

To install this keyboard simply extract the recommended files.

(note: after the recommended input methods are downloaded you must log out and log back in to complete the installation.)


GreekKeys 2.0 (opens new window) available for purchase ($40) here.

Unfortunately, there is no free option currently available for the use of polytonic Greek with Mac OS X 10.3. GreekKeys "is a product providing easy keyboard input and specialized fonts for scholars of ancient (polytonic)Greek" and is owned and distributed by the American Philological Association. More information can be found at:


Open the Apple menu,

Select System Preferences and select International.

Input Menu.

Scroll down and select the checkbox next to GreekKeys (if purchased) and Hebrew-QWERTY.

Select the "Show Input menu in menu bar" checkbox.

(note: The default for switching between languages is Apple, option, space. This can be changed by clicking Options in the Input Menu .)

A small American flag should now appear on the menu bar. To change input methods manually click this icon and select the desired input method. To see the input method keyboard select Keyboard Viewer.

After completion proceed to: