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Missions and World Christianity

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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases

Atlas of global Christianity 1910-2010 (Eds.Todd M. Johnson, Kenneth R. Ross. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2009)
Encyclopedia of mission and missionaries (Ed. Jonathan J. Bonk. New York : Routledge, 2007.)
Dictionary of mission : theology, history, perspectives / (Ed. Karl Muller et al. Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1997.)
World Christian Encyclopedia (Eds. David B. Barrett, George T. Kurian, and Todd M. Johnson. New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.)
"A comparative study of churches and religions in the modern world AD 1900-2000." Good for statistical and demographic information.
Divinity Library Trowbridge Reference Room, BV2040 B37
SML Main Reference Rm., BR95 +W67
Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions (Gerald H. Anderson, ed., Grand Rapids, Mich. : W.B. Eerdmans Pub., 1999.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, BV3700 B56 1999
Extensive and comprehensive coverage of Christian missions with 2,400 original signed biographies by 350 authors from 45 countries.
Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions ( A. Scott Moreau, ed., Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Books, c2000.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, BV2040 E92 2000
Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Missions (Camden, N.J., T. Nelson, 1967.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, BV2040 E53
Alphabetical listing of mission sending agencies. Outdated (1967), but provides useful information re. the historical development and name changes of the agencies.
The Encyclopedia of Missions : descriptive, historical, biographical, statistical (Henry Otis Dwight, H. Allen Tupper, and Edwin Munsell Bliss, Detroit : Gale Research Co., 1975, c1904.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, BV2040 E5 1975
Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission (Stephen Neill, Gerald H. Anderson, John Goodwin, eds., Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1971.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, BV2040 N44

Bibliographies, Catalogs, Guides

International Mission Bibliography.(Norman E. Thomas, ed.. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.)
Divinity, Trowbridge Reference Room, Z7817 .I58X 2003 (LC) Oversize
"This massive work includes the research of more than 30 sub-editors in a number of mission-related disciplines, including history, theology, social aspects, education, evangelism, spirituality, and political life." (from publisher web site)
Missionary Research Library (NY) Dictionary catalog (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1968.)
Divinity Library stacks, Oversize Z7817 N54
17 volumes; approximately 273,000 entries by author, title, and subject, including entries for periodical articles by prominent authors.
Bibliografia missionaria (Isola del Liri : Soc. tip. A. Macioce & Pisani, 1935- )
Divinity, Trowbridge Reference Room, Z7838 M6 B5 (LC)
International Christian literature documentation project : a subject, author, and corporate name index to nonwestern Christian literature. (Douglas W. Geyer, project director ; prepared for publication by ATLA staff under the direction of Lowell K. Handy. Evanston, Ill. : American Theological Library Association, )
Divinity, Special Collections Z6514 C55 I57 1993 (LC)
Christianity and culture : a bibliography with indexes. (Martin S. Reed, ed., Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 2002.)
Divinity, Trowbridge Reference Room Z7776.6 .C45 2002
Liberation and Salvation. (Raymond Facelina. Strasbourg, Cerdic Publications, 1973.)
Divinity, Oversized Z7777.72 F32
Includes around 467 items focusing on Liberation theology.
Liberation Theologies : a Research Guide. (Ronald G. Musto. New York: Garland Publishing, 1991.)
Divinity Stacks and Trowbridge Reference Room Z7809 M87 1991
"...a comprehensive scholarly bibliography of published materials on the varieties of Liberation theology, mostly in book form, available in English" (from the preface). Defines Liberation theology broadly. Includes works on or from Africa, Latin America, North America, feminist, Asian and other liberation perspectives.
Christianity and the Encounter with Other Religions: A Select Bibliography (Ed. S. Immanuel David. Bangalore : United Theological College, 1988.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, Z7776.65 D38 1988
Missions and Evangelism (Ed. Paul D. Petersen. Chicago, Ill. : American Theological Library Association, 1985.
Divinity Library, Special Collections, Z817 P47 1985 (non-circulating)


Bibliography in Contextual Theology in Africa Vol. 1.
J. R. Cochrane, I. W. Henderson and C. O. West.. Pietermarrtzburg : Cluster (Publications., 1993.)
Divinity, Stack Reference, Z7757 A24 B524
"There is an urgent need for theological resources which are relevant to the African context. Bibliography in Contextual Theology is an attempt to meet this need" (from the preface). Although aimed at theologians and ministers in Africa, this is good introduction to resources on African theology. Abstracts are included. Currently only the first volume is available.
Christianity in Tropical Africa : a Selective Annotated Bibliography. (Patrick E. Ofori. Nendeln : KTO press, 1977)
Divinity, Z7757 A24 036
SML, Stacks, LC Z7757 A24 O36 (LC)
"This bibliography is the second in a series of subject Bibliographies intended by the compiler to cover various aspects of religion in Africa south of the Sahara" (from the preface).
South African Theological Bibliography (C.F.A. Borchardt and W.S. Vorster. Evanston, IL : American Theological Library Association, 1995)
Divinity, Z7757 S6 S681, Trowbridge Reference Room
via Divinity workstation: Open folder called "Divinity Library Online Resources" on desktop
"The South African Theological Bibliography has become indispensable to researchers in the field of Theology. It is the only source which includes references to all theological journals published in South Africa and dissertations and theses of theological interest submitted at South African universities." (from the preface)
History of the Church in South Africa: a Guide to Information and Sources
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room and Stacks, Z7778 S57 H63 1990
"Contents: v. 1, A select bibliography of published material to 1980; v. 2, A select bibliography of published material 1981 to 1985; v. 3, A select bibliography of published material 1985-1989." GRB


Reference Guide to Christian Missionary Societies in China: From the 16th to the 20th Century (Ed. R. G. Tiedemann. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2009).
Handbook of Christianity in China, Vol. One: 635-1800
(Ed. Nicolas Standaert. Leiden; Boston; Köln: Brill, 2001)
Handbook of Christianity in China, Vol. Two: 1800 to the Present
(Ed. R. G. Tiedemann. Leiden; Boston; Köln: Brill, 2010)
A Dictionary of Asian Christianity (Ed. Scott W. Sunquist. Grand Rapids, Mich. : W.B. Eerdmans, c2001 )
American China Missions: An Introductory Bibliography
(Charles W. Hayford, ed.)
A Bibliography of Christianity in Malaysia  (Kuala Lumpur : Published for the Malaysian Church History Study Group by Seminari Theoloji Malaysia and the Catholic Research Centre, 1990.)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reference Room, Z7778 M4 R69 1990

Latin America

Bibliografia Teologica Comentada del Area Iberoamericana (Buenos Aries : Instituto Superior Evangelico de Estudios Teologicos de la Asociacion Intercofesional de Estudios Teologicos, 1975-)
Divinity, Trowbridge Reference Room,  Z7753 B58
SML, Stacks, Z7753 B53 (LC)
Lists around 500 articles from 400 serials focusing on Latin American theology.  Some articles are abstracted.  It is issued annually beginning in 1973.  (Gorman)
Bibliography of Latin American Bibliographies, 1980-1984: Social Sciences and Humanities.   (Lionel V. Lorona. London : Scarecrow Press, 1987.)
Divinity, Trowbridge Reference Room Z1601 A2 1968
SML, Subject Z1601 A2 +G76 1968 (LC) Bibliography (L and B)
Although the religion section is extremely short, it does serve as a good beginning sources to point researchers to more significant bibliographies in Latin American religion and theology.


Primary Sources: Major mission and world Christianity archives and repositories

Websites of important archival and manuscript repositories:

More complete list of addresses of important repositories for missions and world Christianity primary sources


Missions and World Christianity: Indexes and Abstracts

Electronic Databases

Additional Print Works:
African Theology
(Publisher: Strasbourg : Cerdic Publications, 1977.)
Raymond Facelina
Divinity, Oversized Z7757 A2 F32
Australasian Religion Index
(June 1989)- . Wagga Wagga, NSW [Australia] : Australasian [i.e.Australian] and New Zealand Theological Library Association; and Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University. Semi-annual (the second issue being cumulative for the year)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room Z7753 A9 (LC)
Includes citations to articles and book reviews from religious periodicals published in and representative of the religions of Australia and New Zealand. With author, subject, scripture passage, and book review indexes
Missiological abstracts : the School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1966-1984
( Pasadena, CA : The Seminary, [1984]) for abstracts of dissertations.
Divinity Library, Stacks, Oversize Z7817 M64



Missions and World Christianity: relevant Library of Congress subject headings

Subject headings related to missions and world Christianity are many and varied. The most basic forms are:

In the interests of simplicity and standardization, a set of approximately fifty subject headings is drawn upon for base level cataloging of missions material. These are the most commonly used subject headings:

For sending agencies, the impact of Western missions:

Integrating Christianity into non-Western context:

Indigenous church bodies, actions, groups, etc.:


Selected Journals: Missions and World Christianity

Freely Available Electronic Journals and Newsletters:

The Chinese Repository
Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal
International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Electronic Journals available at Yale through Online Journals:

International Review of Mission
Muslim World
Social Sciences and Missions.

Sampling of Journals in Print

**Use the subject heading "Missions--periodicals" in Orbis to get a full list of missions periodicals available at Yale.

Selected titles of historical denominational periodicals held by Yale:

Baptist Missionary Society
"Missionary Herald" (1873-2000)
British and Foreign Bible Society
"The Bible in the World" (1905-1971)
Church Missionary Society
"Church Missionary Gleaner"/ "CMS Gleaner" /"Church Missionary Outlook" / "CMS Outlook" (1841-1972)
London Missionary Society
"Chronicle of the London Missionary Society" (1867-1966)
Methodist Missionary Society
"Foreign Field of the Wesleyan Methodist Church" (1904-1932)
"Herald of the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society" (1905-1922)
"Women's Work" (1937-1969)
Presbyterian Church of England
"Presbyterian Messenger" (1908-1964)
"Our Sisters in Other Lands" (1912-1938)
"Far Horizons" (1938-1966)
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
"The Mission Field" (1856-1941)
Church of Scotland
"Life and Work" (1879-2000)
"Other Lands" (1921-1959)
Free Church of Scotland
"Monthly record of the Free Church of Scotland" (1868-1989)
United States
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society
"Missions" (1910-1967)
American Bible Society
"Bible Society Record" (1849-1970)
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
"Missionary herald at home and abroad" (1805-1951)
Christian and Missionary Alliance
"Alliance Weekly" (1887-1987)
Episcopal Church
"Spirit of Missions" (1836-1939)
Evangelical Lutheran Church/ United Lutheran Church
"Foreign Missionary" (1914-1963)
Methodist Episcopal Church, North
"The Gospel in All Lands" (1880-1903)
"Heathen woman's friend" / "Woman's Missionary Friend" (1869-1940)
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
"Woman's Missionary Advocate" (1888-1910)
"Missionary Voice" / "World Outlook" (1911-1970)
Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern)
"Presbyterian Survey" (1924-1995)
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (Northern)
"Foreign Missionary" / "The Church at Home and Abroad" (1842-1898)
"Woman's Work" / "Women and Missions" (1905-1946)
Samples of non-Western periodicals:
Asia Journal of Theology.
Publisher: The Association for Theological Education in South East Asia
Founded: 1987
Divinity, Stacks ZP As4145
Current issue in Rotunda
This journal continues the work of The East Asia Journal of Theology. Purpose of the journal is to encourage Asian theology and scholarship, to pursue the relationship between the gospel and the culture of Asia, and to study the problems involved in teaching theology (Fleg).
The Indian Journal of Theology.
Publisher: Indian Journal of Theology, Bishop's College
Founded: 1952
Divinity, Stacks ZP In17
Current issue in Rotunda
Articles aim at how Christianity is compatible with the culture of India. Theology is undertaken in an ecumenical context, and the journal's interest covers both American and European theology as well. (Fleg) The Divinity School houses all the volumes through 1985 in the bound periodicals section of the stacks.
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa.
Publisher: Mills Litho
Founded: 1972
Divinity, Stacks ZP J8267
Current issue in Rotunda
Explores issues of ecumenism and social justice and is meant to be of interest to theologians, clergy, theology students, and lay persons. Its editors claim that its focus on southern Africa is unique. (Fleg)
Taiwan Journal of Theology.
Publisher: Taiwan Theological College
Founded: 1979
Divinity, Stacks ZP T12
Library has: v.1(1979)-v.17(1995)
The journal publishes about half of its articles in Chinese and half in English. But Chinese articles have English abstracts before the body of discussion. Many of the footnotes cite English sources. (Fleg) The Divinity School houses all issues through 1995 in the bound periodicals section of the stacks


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