James Henry McCallum

James H. McCallum was born November 19, 1893 in Olympia, Washington.  He finished his college education at the University of Oregon 1917 and earned his B.D. from Yale Divinity School in 1921; later he finished a Master's Degree at Chicago Divinity School and did doctoral work at the Union Theological Seminary in New York while on furlough.  He married Eva Anderson of Philadelphia in 1921 and the newly wedded couple immediately set off for China.  For the next thirty years, McCallum engaged in evangelical and community center work for the United Christian Missionary Society, traveling widely in Anhwei and Kiangsi provinces.  From 1946 to 1951, he was in charge of rehabilitation work in Nanking as Secretary of the Mission.  He handled missionary finances and evacuation at the end of his service in China.

During the Nanking Massacre, McCallum's wife and the two children were in Kuling, Kiangsi, while he remained in Nanking as administrator of the University of Nanking hospital and refugee relief work.  His diary/letters to his family from December 19, 1937 to January 15, 1938 served as evidence of the Nanking Massacre at the Tokyo Trial of Japanese war criminals.


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