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Library Tours

Library Tours are available during the weekdays during working hours, Monday-Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. To schedule a tour, please contact the Reference Office, 203-432-6374, email divinity.library@yale.edu.


Access and Borrowing Privileges

The Divinity Library is open for access to alumni during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:50 pm.) Because of security issues, evening and weekend hour access to the Divinity School building is normally limited to Divinity students and faculty members with valid Yale identity cards.

Alumni may purchase stack access and borrowing privileges from the Privileges Office in Sterling Memorial Library. See the YUL Borrowing & Circulation site for more information.


Off-Campus Access (VPN)

Remote access via VPN extends to actively affiliated Yale faculty, staff and students. This list includes fellows, post-doctoral students, casuals, temporary employees, and retired staff and faculty. Alumni do not have remote (or off-campus) access rights, except to JSTOR.

If there are any exceptional circumstances where people feel they should have VPN access, there will be a special application process through ITS, where someone applying for special dispensation will be required to have a sponsor and fulfill certain criteria. If such a request comes to any of you directly, there is a VPN exception form that you can ask the person to fill out at the following link: http://its.yale.edu/forms-policies/forms/vpn-access-request-form.


ATLASerials for Alumni

Yale Divinity School alumni have free access to an online collection of more than 100 major religion and theology journals. Journals in the collection, known as ATLASerials, were selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. Through this platform, users can research the history of a topic from as early as 1924 to the present in more than 210,000 articles and book reviews. Available titles include such journals as Christian Century, Interpretation, Journal of Biblical Literature, Sociology of Religion, Theological Studies, and Worship. A full listing of journals is available at ATLA Serials: ATLAS Online.

Access to the collection is available through a password-protected site: ATLASerials. To obtain the password, please send an email to Request for ATLAS Access. When the request is received, an account name and password will be sent back to the user via e-mail. Please note, only alumni of Yale Divinity School are eligible for access to ATLASerials.

If you need assistance with this resource, email (martha.smalley@yale.edu) or phone (302-432-05289) Martha Smalley, Special Collections Librarian.


Online Databases Available to Alumni

Alumni may use the Library's electronic resources in the Library's on-campus locations, but due to contractual limitations, do not have remote access.  One exception is JSTOR, a digital archive of more than 1,000 academic journals. Yale alumni can register for access to JSTOR by going to http://www.aya.yale.edu/content/jstor-access . Also, in addition to the ATLASerials service (see above), there are a limited number of free databases available to alumni:
Provides statistical information on over 4,200 religions, denominations, churches, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, and movements. Data are derived from census data, polls, surveys and organizational reports.
Aleph-Bet on the Net
Tutorials designed to reinforce vocabulary and spelling for beginning students of modern Hebrew.
Ante-Nicene Fathers (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Full text of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, translated into English.
Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)
Provides data on churches and adherence, searchable by state, professionals, and religious groups (individuals, congregations, and denominations). Includes interactive map and membership reports of religious congregations, adherents, and rates of adherence, searchable by state, background information, survey Also provides the 2004 General Social Survey, the National Congregational Study, and over 190 other studies. Offers background information, survey questions (codebook), keyword searching of all data files, and applications to create custom surveys and maps using many variables.
Online collection of more than 70 major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. For information on access, go to ATLASerials.
Augustine of Hippo
Essays on Augustine and his work, commentaries, and research materials. Includes some primary texts in English translation.
Baptist Studies Online
Library of primary resources on the Baptist tradition.
Bibliotheca religiosa IntraText
A full-text online library that publishes religious, philosophical, and literary works, including books, periodicals, complete works, and archives in more than 30 languages.
Calvinism Resources Database
Provides access to articles, essays, and lectures dealing with John Calvin and Calvinism from the 16th century to the present.
Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
This site was designed to enable users to find fully digitized manuscripts from the Medieval period currently available on the web.
Catholic Encyclopedia
This is an older work (1908) but provides searchable articles online and may be useful for historical materials.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Classic Christian writings, including writings of the Church Fathers, available online.
The Church in the Southern Black Community
Collection of electronic texts documenting how Southern African Americans experienced and transformed Protestant Christianity into the central institution of community life.
Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon
The CAL database search page currently offers complete CAL lemma search, search for English glosses, text browse, Targum studies module, basic concordance search, advanced search by multiple text number(s), and advanced search by dialect. You can also generate concordances on the screen for selected words, have the option of browsing specific Aramaic texts with the option of word analysis. The Targum search page allows you to view and analyze a given biblical verse in all its available Aramaic versions. You can also search for the translation of an English word into Aramaic.
Counterbalance Interactive Library
The Counterbalance Interactive Library offers new views on complex issues from science, ethics, philosophy, and religion. Here you'll find extensive resources on the evolution/creation controversy, biomedical ethical challenges, and much more. Counterbalance is a non-profit educational organization working to promote counterbalanced perspectives on complex issues.
Digital Quaker Collection
Full text and page images of over 500 individual Quaker works from the 17th and 18th centuries.
Directory of Open Access Journals: Religion
Free, full text, online scholarly journals for religious studies.
Digital Scriptorium
A joint project of the Bancroft Library (UC Berkeley) and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University, the Digital Scriptorium is an image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts.
The Ecole Initiative: Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History
The Ecole Initiative is a "Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History," extending up to the Reformation. The site is no longer maintained but still provides some useful content, including a glossary.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Web-based encyclopedia that organizes Mythology materials by six geographic regions.
Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
Electronic version of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Society provided on the Hartford Seminary's Hartford Institute for Religion Research website.
A portal to ancient Near Eastern web resources, including archaeological excavation reports, editions of ancient and modern texts, core early monographs, dictionaries, journals, and reports in the public domain.
Gnostic Society Library
A collection of primary and other documents relating to the Gnostic tradition.
Google Scholar
Google Scholar searches academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives.
Greek Language and Linguistics
Resources to facilitate the study of Ancient Greek and to promote the application of methodologies from the field of Linguistics to the study of Classical and Hellenistic Greek.
Gutenberg Digital
The Gottingen Gutenberg Bible, Model book, and Helmasperger's Notarial instrument / edited by Elmar Mittler, Stephan Fussel.
Hagiography Database
The database contains bio-bibliographical information about saints from the 8th-10th centuries. It is divided into sections: Saints' lists, Authors' lists and a searchable section of citations.
Hartford Institute for Religion Research
The Hartford Institute for Religious is devoted to sociological research in the area of religion. The site provides information about various Institute research projects on issues such as women and religion, congregations, religion and the family, etc. Links to articles by leading scholars in the sociology of religion are also included, as well as bibliographies, syllabi, and other scholarly resources.
Hebrew Alphabet
Index Verborum: Martin Luther's German Writings
The Index is a specialized word index that provides a reference guide to the essential words found in 323 selected individual German writings by Martin Luther. The textual sources comprising his writings are from various forms, including sermons, tractates, letters, or postillon.
Index Theologicus
The Index theologicus database contains bibliographical references from articles in more than 600 journals, Festschriften and conference volumes. The extensive research possibilities enable theologians and specialists in religious studies to obtain a quick and comprehensive overview of the publications relevant to their own field of research. Ten of the twenty volumes of the conventional Zeitschrifteninhaltsdienst Theologie (1985-1994) have now been completely retro-converted into database structures.
Institute for Theology and Peace
A research institution of the Catholic Church established by the Catholic Military Chaplaincy. The emphasis of research and documentation is on the political and social debate on questions of peace from a theological-ethical point of view.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Free online encyclopedia with original contributions by specialized philosophers.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Links to medieval texts and sources on the Web, both of short "classroom sized" extracts and full documents.
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Sacred texts from a variety of religious traditions.
Jewish Encyclopedia
This website contains the complete and unedited contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, published between 1901-1906. It includes over 15,000 articles and illustrations.
The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University
All of Jonathan Edwards' writings available electronically.
The Joseph Sittler Archives
Includes articles, sermons and books by Joseph Sittler.
New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
Online version of the classic reference work.
Online Critical Pseudepigrapha
Contains texts of the pseudepigrapha in their original (or extant) languages; some with critical apparatus.
ORBIS is the online catalog for all the Yale University libraries with exception of the Law Library. Use ORBIS to locate books, journals, and other materials held at the Yale University libraries.
RAMBI, Index of Articles on Jewish Studies, is a selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel.
Resources for Biblical Language Computing
This web site, a joint project of the Yale Divinity Library and the Yale Center for Language Study, is designed to guide YDS students in the process of setting up their personal computers with unicode fonts for biblical language computing. The instructions on the website will enable students to use biblical Hebrew and Greek and reliably print documents using the appropriate fonts.
Revised Common Lectionary
The online Revised Common Lectionary is a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, a division of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University.
Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index
Seventh-day Adventist periodical index and obituary list continues the print work of same title.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A free resource, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, was designed from its inception (September 1995) as a dynamic reference work. In a dynamic reference work, each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field.
Theological Perspectives of the Reformation
Includes primary texts and translations of primary texts from the Reformation period.
Wesley Center Online
Offers a list of works by and about English religious leader John Wesley (1702-1791), the founder of the Methodist Church.

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