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The image to the right is a page from the Whitaker Analytical Concordance to the NRSV New Testament. You can see that the format of a concordance is like that of a dictionary.  Below you will find an enlarged section of this page.
The phrase "drive out" occurs in the NRSV New Testament at Acts 7:45 . What Greek word is translated as "drive out" in this context? What other Greek words have been similarly translated? Where else might the Greek word translated as "drive out" in Acts 7:45 appear in the New Testament?


At the left is a copy of the entry for "drive out" from page 167 of the Whitaker Analytical Concordance. Under the heading "drive out", are five arabic numerals, each followed by a Greek word, a transliteration and a number. Each of these five Greek words has been translated as "drive out" in the NRSV New Testament .

All occurrences of the phrase "drive out" in the NRSV NT are listed next, in context, and in the order they appear in the NT. To the left of each context is the citation to the NRSV, and to the right is the number which corresponds to the Greek words listed above. Note that the Greek word translated as "drive out" in Acts 7:45, exotheo, (5), has been translated as "drive out" only once, and that that Greek word's number is 2034 above.

To find all occurrences, and trace other translations, of the Greek word exotheo, look it up by number (2034) in the index-lexicon at the back of the book. Below is a copy of page 740 from Whitaker's Concordance. To the left is a copy of the entry from that page for number 2034, exotheo.

Under the entry for exotheo (2034), the English words used to translate this Greek word are listed, with the number of NT occurrences of that translation in brackets following each. The first word/phrase "drive out" is used to translate "exotheo" only one [1] time, as we know, as is the second word/phrase "run ashore". To find the scripture citation for that other ("run ashore") translation of the Greek word exotheo, return to the dictionary part of the concordance, look up the English word/phrase, then look for the Greek word exotheo as a subheading under the English word and begin the process again.

Be sure to read the print "Introduction" to the Whitaker Concordance, which details unlisted words and other peculiarities.

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