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The word "righteousness" occurs in the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew (5:6,10). What Greek word is translated as "righteousness" in this context? Where else does the word translated as "righteousness" in the Beatitudes appear in the New Testament?

a page from the Morrison concordance


1. righteous judgment: 
   Rom	2.5	when God's r. judgment will be revealed
1. Gal	[2.16 	know.. a man is not reckoned righteous†
1. righteousness, justice:             DIKAIOSYNÉ
   Mt	3.15	"thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all r.
	5. 6	"Blessed are those who hunger..for r.
	5.10	"persecuted for righteousness' sake
	5.20	"unless your r. exceeds that of..scribes
	6.33	"But seek first his kingdom and his r.
	21.32	"John came to you in the way of r.
   Lk	1.75	"in..r. before him all..our life
   Jn	16.8 	"convince the world concerning..r.
	16.10	"r., because I go to the Father
  Acts	13.10	"you enemy of all righteousness
	17.31	"he will judge the world in r.
  Rom	1.17	in it the r. of God is revealed
	3.21	now the r. of God has been manifested
	3.22	the righteousness of God through faith
	3.25	This was to show God's righteousness
	4.3	"it was reckoned to him as righteousness
	4.5	his faith is reckoned as righteousness
	4.6	the man to whom God reckons r.

Under the heading "Righteousness", is the subheading "righteousness, justice" with the Greek word dikaiosyné. All the occurrences of "righteousness" listed under this subheading, including the citations Mt 5:6 and 5:10, are translations of this same Greek word, so you can feel secure comparing their usage. But the Greek word dikaiosyné may not always translated as "righteousness'

a copy of page 681 from Morrison's Concordance.

To find all occurrences of the Greek word dikaiosyné look it up in the index-lexicon at the back of the book. This is a copy of page 681 from Morrison's Concordance. Below is a close-up of the entry for dikaiosyné.

Under the entry for dikaiosyné, the English words used to translate this Greek word are listed, with the number of occurrences in parentheses following each word. (The first word in the list, ‘benevolence', is in parentheses with a sword symbol to indicate that the translation ‘benevolence' for this Greek word is given in the RSV only in footnotes.) Dikaiosyné is translated 76 times by the word "righteousness." (The sword symbol following the frequency number indicates that the word occurs at least one time in a footnote, which is not counted, and so is not included in the frequency number 76.) Dikaiosyné is translated twice by "justify". (The § symbol preceding the word "justify" indicates that the translation is not a direct translation of the Greek word, but is derived from the combination of words in the context or from the grammatical and syntactical context.)
To find the scripture citations for these translations of the Greek word, go back to the concordance, look up each of the English words, and then look for the Greek word Dikaiosyné as a subheading under the English word.

  justice (3)
  §justify (2)
  right (4)
  right, what is (2)
  righteousness (76)†
      Rom 3.26; 9.30
Symbols in the concordance and lexicon are explained in the Signs and Symbols list on page xx-xxi.

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