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Cadbury, William Warder

William Warder Cadbury received a B.A. and M.A. from Haverford College in 1898 and 1899 respectively, and an M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1902. He married Sarah I. Manatt in 1911 and Catharine Balderston Jones in 1917 with whom he had 3 daughters.
Cadbury served as resident physician at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia in 1903-05, went abroad for graduate study in Vienna in 1905, returned to teach pathology and pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania from 1906-07 and to work as a pathologist at St. Mary's Hospital, 1906-09.

In 1908, he decided to take up a medical missionary post in China and by 1909, he accepted a professorship at Canton Christian College (later Lingnan University) in Canton, China. He served as a medical missionary there supported by some members of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and the Cadbury Fund that was created to assist his work from 1909-41. He became Superintendent of Canton Hospital in 1930, and was also vice-president of the Chinese Medical Association, 1935-37 and chairman of the Canton International Red Cross, 1938-41.

Cadbury and his wife were interned by the Japanese from 1941-43, and upon their release returned to the United States for two years. He resumed his position in Canton from 1945-49 when he and his wife were forced out of China by the Communist government.
The Cadburys returned to N.J. for the next 10 years. William Warder Cadbury sat on the Board of Lingnan University for a part of this time, as well as serving as an honorary curator of ferns at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

During his life, Cadbury was the author of 150 medical articles, 230 articles on religion and other topics and a book on the history of Canton Hospital, At the Point of a Lancet, written in 1935 with his niece Mary Hoxie Jones.

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William Cadbury's Student Volunteer Movement application, March 27, 1909.

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