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Below are links to maps of China contained in the Yale Divinity Library's AdHoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity.

See the ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative site for additional maps and charts related to missionary work in China. Use the "Limit by Collections" search function ( check the box next to "Maps & Charts Documenting the Expansion of Christianity," click on "Submit", then enter your search terms, e.g. "China", "Sichuan"...

China ca. 1912 [map showing Anglican missions]

Chi-li province [Hebei Sheng] ca. 1903 - includes area around Peking [Beijing]

Fukien province [Fujian Sheng] ca. 1879

Fukien province [Fujian Sheng] ca. 1925

Southern Kiang-su and Che-kiang provinces [Jiangsu Sheng and Zhejiang Sheng] ca. 1879 - includes area around Shanghai

Kwangtung province [Guangdong Sheng] ca. 1925 - includes area around Canton

Shansi [Shanxi Sheng] ca. 1903

Szechwan [Sichuan Sheng] ca. 1903


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