Scanned files from United Mission to Nepal Archives

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  UMN CD 1 - Contents List

Full Reference                                               Name of Document                                                 CD-ROM Notes


  A010101 Agreements, General

  A0101011953001    Agreement, General,  [1st]: copy of agreement for 5 years

  A0101011960001    Agreement, General,  [2nd]:  agreement for 10 years (original) and related correspondence         Last page only, headed "2nd agreement" scanned.

  A0101011970001    Agreement, General,  [3rd]: agreement for 5 years (Original), and related letter                          Letter of September 8 only scanned.

  A0101011975001    Agreement, General,  [4th]: agreement for 5 years

  A0101011980001    Agreement, General,  [5th]: agreement for 5 years

  A0101011985001    Agreement, General,  [6th]: agreement for 5 years                                                              Letter of 4 July in English only scanned.

  A0101011990001    Agreement, General:  extension for 6 months                                                                   Letter of 21 July scanned.

  A0101011990002    Agreement, General,  [7th]: agreement for 5 years


  A010201 Agreements, General - Correspondence

  A0102011970001    Agreement, General,  [3rd]: agreement for 5 years (copy), and prior discussion and input           Only partially scanned.

  A0102011975001    Agreement, General,  [4th]: agreement for 5 years (copy), and prior discussion and input           Only partially scanned.

  A0102011990002    Agreement, General,  [7th]: agreement for 5 years, and prior discussion and input                     Only partially scanned.


  A010701 Agreements, Administration - Correspondence

  A0107010011000    Some thoughts on ethics in business transactions

  A0107010012000    Relationships with HMG

  A020001 Agriculture

  A0200011961002    Agricultural work of the United Mission

  A0200011964005    Recapitulation of food situation reports in Nepal

  A0200011965002    Orange tree disease

  A0200011967001    Information Circle of Agricultural Experts in Nepal                                                             Minutes of 3 March only scanned.

  A0200011967003    Notes on UMN agricultural work                                                                                    Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  A0200011968001    Suggestions for a new programme in the UMN agricultural work

  A0200011968006    Present situation for agriculture work in the UMN                                                               Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  A0200011969003    Some thoughts concerning animal husbandry in Nepal

  A0200011969004    Agricultural conference                                                                                               Only partially scanned.

  A0200011969009    Planning for agricultural work                                                                                       Only partially scanned.

  A0200011969012    Proposed plan for UMN co-operation with HMGN Department of Agricultural Extension.

  A0200011969014    UMN Agricultural Department plans for 1970

  A0200011969015    R. G. Livingstone report                                                                                              Report only scanned.

  A0200011970003    On United Mission agriculture work                                                                               Only partially scanned.

  A0200011975001    Renewal of agricultural work                                                                                        Only partially scanned.

  A0200011978001    UMN agricultural workers                                                                                            Only last page, Appendix III, Feb. 1978 scanned

  A0200011979001    Agricultural workers needed                                                                                         Agriculture Resource Personnel and Ag/RD work only


  A0200011982002    UMN agriculture meeting notes

  A0200011983002    Farmers training programme                                                                                        Only partially scanned.

  A0200011984003    Cropping systems seminar                                                                                          Only partially scanned.

  A0200011985001    Farming system seminar

  A0200011985002    UMN inter-project agricultural study tour

  A0200011985004    UMN agricultural policy questionnaire and responses                                                        Only partially scanned.

  A0200011985005    Agricultural policy task force meeting

  A0200011985006    UMN agriculture gleanings                                                                                          Gleanings, and Activities only scanned.

  A0200011986002    Minutes of the UMN agricultural workers meeting held on May 22, 1986 at the Patan Hospital

                           conference room

  A0200011986004    Nepal: an agricultural perspective

  A0200011986006    History of agricultural work in the UMN

  A0200011986009    Team visits approach ... new and old

  A0200011987001    Minutes of UMN agricultural workers meeting, Kathmandu, May 20 1987                                  Minutes, Guidelines, and Parameters only scanned.

  A0200011988001    UMN agriculturists meeting 1988

  A0200011988002    Agricultural component of a small rural development project, and comment on the paper            Only partially scanned.

  A0200011989002    Mini-agriculturist meeting, 2.00pm, 17 May 1989

  A0200011989004    UMN agriculture meeting, December 1st 1989 at Patan Hospital

  A0200011990001    UMN agriculturalist meeting, May 10, 1990

  A0200011990002    UMN's growing news, No. 1, May 1990                                                                            1 page on Agro-Forestry only scanned.

  A0200011990003    UMN's growing news, September 1990                                                                            RDC Training Programs only scanned.

  A0200011991001    Slow and steady wins the race: the job of an agriculturist

  A0200011991003    UMN's growing news, No. 4, May 1991                                                                            Whole booklet scanned except Nepali script

  A0200011991004    Irrigation management: an option for promoting agricultural

  A0200011991005    Some thoughts on agriculture development in Nepal by a leaving expatriate agriculturalist

  A0200011992001    UMN agricultural professional meeting, October 13-15, 1992 hosted by NRM Project Jawalakhel,   Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.


  A0200011992002    Discussion on UMN agricultural guidelines

  A0200011992003    UMN's growing news, No. 1 (New series)                                                                        Whole booklet scanned, except Nepali script.

  A0200011992004    UMN's growing news, Issue 2                                                                                       Only partially scanned

  A030101 Andhikhola - Reports, etc.

  A0301010003000    Andhikhola Hydel Project: brief description

  A0301010004000    UMN Economic Development Board. Minutes of extra-ordinary meeting held on 10 April 1978 in the   Only partially scanned

                           UMN Board Room, Kathmandu

  A0301010007000    Why UMN should not be involved in the Andhikhola Hydro Power Project?

  A0301010008000    Why should UMN be involved in the Andhikhola Hydro Power Project?

  A0301010009000    Andhikhola Project - report to EDB

  A0301010010000    Andhikhola Hydel and Rural Electrification Project                                                            Only partially scanned

  A0301010019000    Report re: Andhikhola Project

  A0301010023000    BPC involvement in the Andhikhola Hydel Project

  A0301010032000    Planning papers                                                                                                       Only partially scanned.

  A0301010033001    Andhi Khola Project: report of visit

  A0301010041000    Andhikhola Irrigation Project - economic analysis report

  A0301010046000    Progress report no.1 (to NORAD) for Andhikhola Hydel and Rural Electrification Project - AHREP

  A0301010047000    Preliminary report on informal survey Andhikhola Project

  A0301010051000    Andhikhola Project: an integrated rural development project of the United Mission to Nepal

  A0301010054000    Norad progress report no.2

  A0301010059000    AHREP progress report no.3 to NORAD

  A0301010061000    Discussion paper: AHREP employment, housing and resettlement

  A0301010064000    Agreement between His Majesty's Government of Nepal and the United Mission to Nepal on        Only partially scanned

                           Andhikhola Rural Electrification Project

  A0301010076000    AHREP progress report no.4 to NORAD

  A0301010079000    Andhikhola Project Management Committee. Statement of objectives and working rules - SOWR

  A0301010080000    Andhikhola Project policy on Nepalization

  A0301010084000    RDC AHIP visit to Andhikhola Project

  A0301010089000    Andhikhola Project progress report (Tear Fund) 15/12/82-15/6/83                                          Only partially scanned

  A0301010092000    AHREP progress report no.5 to NORAD

  A0301010094000    Agreements with Butwal Power Company and Himal Hydro, Butwal Engineering Works and DCS  Only partially scanned.

  A0301010096000    AP Co-operative Society Aid Programme

  A0301010099000    Project proposal to Appropriate Technology International                                                  Only partially scanned.

  A0301010102000    AHREP progress report no.6 to NORAD                                                                          Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  A0301010107000    Andhikhola water use optimization study

  A0301010111000    AHREP progress report no.7 to NORAD

  A0301010112000    Andhikhola Project 1983/84 report (15 January 1983 to 15 July 1984)

  A0301010115000    Andhikhola Project community drinking water and sanitation systems                                   Only partially scanned.

  A0301010116000    AP Non-Formal Education Programme: community health activities

  A0301010119000    APMC statement of objectives and working rules (SOWR)

  A0301010121000    AHREP progress report no.8 to NORAD

  A0301010123000    Andhikhola Project progress report to Tear Fund

  A0301010131000    AHREP progress report no.9 to NORAD

  A0301010132000    Detailed annual reports for 1984-85 for each programme

  A030102 Andhikhola - Reports, etc.

  A0301020001000    AHREP report to DCS/PMC

  A0301020006000    Andhikhola Project staff meeting. 26th meeting, 1 December 1985, Galyang Bazaar office

  A0301020007000    AHREP review of cost estimate

  A0301020012000    Project directors report

  A0301020014000    Andhikhola Project 1986/87 plans

  A0301020016000    Andhikhola Project Planning and Management Committee statement of objectives and working rules

                           (AKPMC SOWR). Rev. ed.

  A0301020019000    Andhikhola Project progress report to Tear Fund                                                              Only partially scanned

  A0301020022000    Entrepreneurs Development Programme (EDP) Galyang

  A0301020026001    AHREP financial analysis (updated)

  A0301020032000    Detailed reports for programs for 1985/86                                                                        Some pages poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or

                                                                                                                                                       if printed.

  A0301020036000    Visit to Andhikhola Project 4th-8th August, 1986 (RDC)

  A0301020040000    Andhikhola and Surkhet Projects: compared and contrasted

  A0301020054000    AHREP 1987/88 plans                                                                                                 Only partially scanned

  A0301020055000    Project director's report

  A0301020064000    RDC TREE's /Andhikhola Project.  Report of a visit to Andhikhola Project 4th-7th May, 1987

  A0301020067000    Detailed annual reports 1986/87

  A0301020071000    Planning summary of Andhikhola Project from pre 1962 - present (a history)

  A0301020072000    AHREP: brief description of supply area

  A0301020078000    AHREP and non-formal education

  A0301020082000    Andhikhola Project report to Tear Fund (July - December 1987)

  A0301020086000    AHREP Nepal. Low cost hydropower with maximum local training and development

  A0301020095000    AHREP site guide

  A0301020096000    Detailed annual reports, 1987/88

  A0301020103000    Andhikhola Project Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme, and Resource Conservation

                           Programme reports: 15 July 1988 to 15 Jan. 1989

  A0301020104000    Changes to general objectives of long term planning documents from 1988/89, and plans for


  A0301020122000    Report on AKP facilitators' training (NFE)

  A0301020126001    An on-going evaluation of the Andhikhola Project, carried out by the Rural Development Department

  A0301020126002    Meeting on informal development activities                                                                     Some poor quality.

  A0301020128000    Domestic loads (AHREP's approach to and experience with rural electric cooking)

  A0301020131000    Seminar on rural electrification: the Andhikhola experience

  A0301020131001    Distribution system for rural areas

  A0301020131002    Technical planning, implementation and costing AHREP pilot project

  A0301020131003    Some history and the experience with the motivation work in AHREP

  A0301020131004    Experience regarding the implementation of BPC tariff in the AHREP pilot project

  A0301020131005    Experience to the present time with the Aserdi Electricity Users' Association

  A030103 Andhikhola - Reports, etc.

  A0301030002000    Detailed annual reports for July 1989 to July 1990

  A0301030003000    Andhikhola Rural Electrification pilot project extension: supplementary funding proposal

  A0301030011000    Minutes of Rural Electrification Committee, Galyang, 19.2.1991

  A0301030013000    Galyang Tribune Herald, Volume 1, April 17, 1991

  A0301030016000    History of AKP as outlined in UMNews

  A0301030017000    Detailed annual reports for 1990-91, and statement of investment                                          Some pages poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or

                                                                                                                                                       if printed.

  A0301030018000    Work order to BPC and UMN/AKP for electrification and pumped drinking water project at


  A0301030020000    Minutes of Rural Electrification Committee meeting, Galyang, 18/8/1991

  A0301030022000    Smokeless stoves

  A0301030023000    Phoksingkot Project: project description and design report

  A0301030025000    Detailed plans for programmes, July 1992 - July 1993                                                         Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  A0301030026000    Report from AHREP valuation committee meeting at BPC office, February 4th 1992

  A0301030029000    Preliminary funding proposal for the Andhikhola Rural Electrification Project submitted to the United

                           Nations Capital Development Fund

  A0301030030000    AHREP visitors guide

  A0301030031000    Detailed annual reports for programmes, 1991/1992                                                           Some pages poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or

                                                                                                                                                       if printed.

  A0301030033000    Social impact of Jhimruk and AHREP: first draft, and Brief notes on major findings from field visits to

                            Jhimruk and Andhikhola

  A0301030033001    AHREP mission statement and vision

  A0301030034000    Report on Andhikhola visit (NFE)

  A0301030037000    Minutes of Rural Electrification Committee meeting, Galyang, 11/02/1993

  A0301030039000    Detailed annual reports for programmes, 1992-93

  A0301030040000    Minutes of Rural Electrification Committee meeting, Kathmandu, 3/9/1993

  A0301030041000    AHREP plans and results 1982 - 1992

  A030201 Andhikhola - Irrigation Program

  A0302010001000    Andhikhola Irrigation Project: economic analysis report

  A0302010003000    Proposed AHREP headrace irrigation project: summary

  A0302010010000    ATI funding application

  A0302010014000    Andhikhola water use optimization study

  A0302010015000    ATI concept paper

  A0302010024000    Proposal for AKIDAP

  A0302010030000    Irrigation programme - 1984/85 report

  A0302010036000    Proposal for an added element in the AKIDAP

  A0302010037000    AKWUA constitution. Revised draft                                                                                Some poor quality.

  A0302010041000    AKP Irrigation Programme report 1986/87

  A0302010045000    Andhikhola Irrigation Project objectives, strategies and financing plan

  A0302010047000    AKP - Irrigation Programme annual report 1987/88

A0302010048000      Agreement between His Majesty's Government of Nepal, Department of Irrigation and UMN on the

                           Andhikhola Irrigation Project

  A0302010049000    History of the AKP Irrigation Program up to Agreement signing

  A0302010058001    Constitution for AKWUA

  A0302010060000    Andhikhola Project Irrigation Programme plans for 1990/91

  A0302010067000    Andhikhola Irrigation Project: update on project implementation                                           Only partially scanned.

  A0302010068000    Irrigation Programme, annual report 1989/90

  A0302010074000    Progress report for 1990, Andhikhola Irrigation Project

  A0302010077000    Agreement between AKWUA, BPC concerning supply of irrigation water                                 Only partially scanned.

  A0302010079000    Andhikhola Project Irrigation Programme annual report 1990-91

  A0302010083000    Andhikhola Project Irrigation Programme plans for 1992/93

  A0302010084000    Andhikhola Irrigation Project: notes of site visit 3rd to 8th May 1992 (Peter Millais and Bhuyan


  A0302010086000    Andhikhola Project Irrigation Programme annual report 1991/1992

  A0302010088000    Water, environment and management: community irrigation opportunities and challenges

  A0302010091000    Andhikhola Project Irrigation Program annual report 1992/93

  A030301 Andhikhola - Forestry Program

  A0303010002001    Andhikhola Watershed Community Forestry Programme

  A0303010009000    Proposal for a forestry component of AHREP. Revised proposal, and budget

  A0303010010000    Andhikhola Project 1987/88 plans

  A0303010011000    Forest, Soil and Water Conservation Programme report 1986/87

  A0303010013000    Options for the future of AKP Forestry Programme

  A0303010014000    RDC TREE's / Andhikhola Project: report of a visit to Andhikhola Project, 25-27 October 1988      Some poor quality.

  A040001 Anniversaries of UMN

  A0400010001000    20th anniversary, 1974 - Description of birthday tea

  A0400010002000    25th anniversary, 1979 - Historical pageant, Workers' Conference                                         Only partially scanned..

A0400010003000      25th anniversary, 1979 - General Conference, April 1979: delegate's file, with flag, invitation,        Schedule only scanned.

                           schedule, listing of personnel, etc

  A0400010004000    25th anniversary, 1979 - General Conference, April 1979: reports                                          Report of plenary session only scanned.

  A0400010005000    25th anniversary, 1979 - General Conference, April 1979: briefing presentation (opening evening)    Briefing presentation only scanned.

  A0400010006000    25th anniversary, 1979 - General Conference, April 1979: opening tea                                    Tea invitation only scanned.

  A0400010010000    35th anniversary, 1989 - Speech given at the UMN 35th anniversary reception

  A0400010011000    35th anniversary, 1989 - Invitations and press releases                                                      Only partially scanned.

  A0400010012000    40th anniversary, 1994 - Planning meetings and circulars                                                   Only partially scanned.

  A0400010014000    40th anniversary, 1994 - Program for celebration, and outline of historical input                        Service of worship programme only scanned.

  A050001 Annual Conference, Workers' Conference

  A0500010001000    Annual Conference / Workers' Conference, April 23-24 1956, SBH Library, and Complete listing of     Listing of Conference dates only scanned.

                           Conference dates, venues, etc.

  A060001 Annual Reports to HMG

  A0600010001000    Annual Report to HMG: 1970

  A0600010002000    Annual Report to HMG: 1971

  A0600010003000    Annual Report to HMG: 1972

  A0600010004000    Annual Report to HMG: 1973

  A0600010005000    Annual Report to HMG: 1974

  A0600010006000    Annual Report to HMG: 1975

  A0600010007000    Annual Report to HMG: 1976

  A0600010008000    Annual Report to HMG: 1977

  A0600010009000    Annual Report to HMG: 1978

  A0600010010000    Annual Report to HMG: 1979

  A0600010011000    Annual Report to HMG: 1980

  A0600010012000    Annual Report to HMG: 1981

  A0600010013000    Annual Report to HMG: 1982

  A0600010014000    Annual Report to HMG: 1983/84

  A0600010016000    Annual Report to HMG: 1985/86

  A0600010017000    Annual Report to HMG: 1986/87

  A0600010018000    Annual Report to HMG: 1987/88

  A0600010019000    Annual Report to HMG: 1988/89

  A0600010020000    Annual Report to HMG: 1989/90

  A0600010021000    Annual Report to HMG: 1990/91

  A0600010022000    Annual Report to HMG: 1991/92

  A0600010023000    Annual Report to HMG: 1992/93

  A070001 Advisory Group on Nepali Women

  A0700010001000    Ministry by the women of Nepal

  A0700010004000    Charts showing life expectancy, family size, economic activity, literacy, school enrolment, political

                           activity, etc.

  A0700010011000    Survey on UMN work and Nepali women: results of survey                                                  Only partially scanned.

  A0700010015000    Progress report on the activities of the Women Interest Group, November 1987 - September 1988

  A0700010020000    Nepali women and UMN activities: a progress report

  A0700010021001    Working together: Nepali women and UMN: the report on the planning workshop

  A0700010026000    AGNW statement of purpose, and recommendations, accepted by UMN Board

  A0700010028000    Minutes of Women Affair Workshop held in RDC Library on 27th April, 1990

  A0700010035000    Minutes of the Women Affairs Workshop Women Trainer in RDC

  A0700010040000    Involving women: experiences of working with women from April 1987 to February 1991

  A0700010041000    AGNW annual plans, 1991-92

  A0700010044000    Dhulikhel Workshop on Women in Development  April 29 - May 3 1991 - Report, comments,       Only partially scanned.


  A0700010050000    AGNW annual report, 1990 - 1991

  A0700010054000    Recommendations to Board from AGNW

  A0700010061000    AGNW plans, 1992-93

  A0700010068000    AGNW annual report, 1991/1992

  A0700010070000    YWCA Exploratory Committee                                                                                      Only partially scanned.

  A0700010073000    AGNW Co-ordinator report, November 4-5, 1992

  A0700010075000    AGNW strategic plan, 1993-1996

  A0700010077000    Women's leadership skill training, March 22-24, 1993, Dhulikhel Lodge. Report

  A0700010079000    YWCA centre

  A0700010082000    AGNW workshop and business meeting, June 3 1993

  A0700010083000    AGNW annual report, 1992/93

  A0700010084000    AGNW summary report, mid July 1992 - mid July 1993

  A0700010085000    AGNW business meeting and workshop, September 16-17, 1993

  A0700010088000    AGNW leaflet

  A080101 Anandaban - Reports, etc.

  A0801010001000    Ground-cutting ceremony

  A0801010002000    Opening ceremony of Anandaban Hospital                                                                     Only partially scanned.

  A0801010003000    UMN agricultural workers at Anandaban Leprosy Hospital and agricultural program                   Only partially scanned.

  A0801010005000    Leprosy Research Project with Warwick Britton and Paul Roche annual reports for 1988, 1989 and    Only partially scanned.


  A100001 Area Services and Housing

  A1000010001000    Housing: general missionwide policies, rent rates, etc.                                                       Only partially scanned.

  A1000010002000    Area Service Officers: general circulars, etc.                                                                     Only partially scanned.

  A170001 Archives

  A1700010022000    Archives report for 1988/89

  A1700010025000    Archives report for 1989/90

  A1700010027000    Archives report for 1990/91

  A1700010033000    Memorandum of agreement between UMN and CSCNWW, University of Edinburgh concerning the

                           deposit of archives of UMN

  A1700010035000    Archives Department guidelines pamphlet

  A1700010036000    Archives report for 1992/93

  B010001 Bhaktapur

  B0100010001000    Report on opening, and first month of operation

  B0100010003000    1954 statistics

  B0100010006000    1955 statistics

  B0100010009000    Permission for new hospital from Foreign Affairs

  B0100010020000    Letter on Bhatgaon (News and prayer letter no.3/1960)

  B0100010023000    Statistics for 1961

  B0100010029000    Hospital policies

  B0100010030000    Statistics for 1963

  B0100010039000    Bhaktapur to go under District Clinics temporarily

  B0100010045000    Application to WCC for extra funding

  B0100010047001    Enlargement of United Mission hospital, Bhatgaon

  B0100010053000    Memo on family planning work

  B0100010054000    Under fives clinic

  B0100010057000    Oxfam grant application, and changes

  B0100010057001    Roads

  B0100010062000    Laboratory and x-ray statistics

  B0100010064000    Details of closing down                                                                                              Only partially scanned.

  B0100010066000    Closing ceremony and handover of UMN hospital, Bhak

  B0100010068000    Total statistics 1955-1974

  B030001 Building Department

  B0300010007000    Relationship of the Building Department to Projects                                                           Available as an image file and as a text file.

  B0300010026000    Approved rules for Building Committees within UMN                                                          Available as an image file and as a text file.

  B0300010032000    Approved rules for UMN Building Committees                                                                  Available as image files and as a text file.

  B0300010037000    Rules for building committees                                                                                       Available as image files and as a text file.

  B0300010042000    Revised rules for building construction                                                                           Available as image files and as a text file.


  B040101 Buling-Arakhala, Nawal Parasi Hills Development Project

  B0401010001000    East Palpa: description of first visits, March-May, 1968 / Gwen Coventry

  B0401010002000    East Palpa Project: plan / W. Gould

  B0401010003000    Buling Arakhala reports for 1967-1970, taken from Tansen plans and reports

  B0401010004000    Letter re plane service to Buling, from Jack London, SIL

  B0401010006000    Report on goat project visit to Bojha / J. Paterson

  B0401010008000    Priority problems in community health, Nawal Parasi

  B0401010009000    History of Buling - Arakhala Project as given to NORAD verbally / Gwen Coventry                     Only partially scanned.

  B0401010012000    Report on visit to Buling Arakhala / Bob Yoder

  B0401010013000    Development project proposal / Gwen Coventry

  B0401010014000    Plans for Community health work : feasibility study on animals, Buling Arakhala  / J. Paterson

  B0401010015000    Proposed Small Community Development Project / Alan Pang

  B0401010016000    Responses to Alan Pang's paper on plans for proposed Small Community Development Project

  B0401010017000    Proposed plan, immediate and longer term, Buling - Arakhala

  B0401010018000    Possibilities for increasing income from livestock, Buling - Arakhala / Alison Craven

  B0401010020000    Some health beliefs and practices among Magars in East Palpa / Gwen Coventry

  B0401010026000    Buling-Arakhala Small Community Development, re professional and felt needs / Alan Pang

  B0401010027000    Economics of the Buling Tar Irrigation Scheme / Alan Pang                                                 Only partially scanned.

  B0401010028001    Notes from the Buling-Arakhala planning meeting, 26.8.78

  B0401010032000    Principles for UMN involvement in Small Community Development Projects.  Approved at EDB

  B0401010037000    Plans for project activities, in minutes of first meeting of the Integrated Rural Development Advisory


  B0401010039000    Survey of economic status... Buling.../ Gwen Coventry

  B0401010042000    Report on MCH clinics and seminar; animal health and drinking water, Buling Arakhala

  B0401010043000    Report on visit to Buling Arakhala, 1 March - 6 June, 1979 / Gwen Coventry

  B0401010046000    Report on visit to investigate famine / J. Williamson

  B0401010048000    Buling Arakhala Project proposal / Al Schlorholtz

  B0401010050000    Application to CDO re Food for Work programme with full details                                         Only partially scanned.

  B0401010052000    Food for Work description / J. Williamson

  B0401010053000    Food for Work progress report, no 2

  B0401010055000    Food for Work progress report, no.3

  B0401010056000    Food for Work Programme description

  B0401010062000    Annual report on Buling Arakhala Project for 1979                                                             Only partially scanned.

  B0401010065000    Food for Work progress report, no 4 / J. Williamson

  B0401010070000    Food for Work progress report no 5 / J. Williamson

  B0401010072000    Nawal Parasi MCH evaluation / N. Waaning, R. Carnahan                                                    Only partially scanned.

  B0401010073000    Working with health posts, Buling - Arakhala / R. Carnahan

  B0401010077000    Buling Arakhala Project Quarterly report (Jan - Mar 1980) / J. Williamson

  B0401010078000    Food for Work progress report no 6 / J. Williamson

  B0401010081000    Buling-Arakhala food shortage relief and economic development project

  B0401010082000    Evaluation of Food for Work programme  / B. Sydnor                                                         Only partially scanned.

  B0401010083000    Nawal Parasi health post involvement / V. Collett

  B0401010085000    Buling Arakhala Project SOWR

  B0401010088000    Local people's participation in a Food for Work program / J. Williamson

  B0401010091000    Buling Arakhala Project quarterly report,  Apr - Jun, 1980  / J. Williamson

  B0401010094000    Future health care in Buling Arakhala Project / A. Dietz

  B0401010095000    Thoughts on the future of health care in the Buling Arakhala Panchayats  /  V. Collett

  B0401010097000    Buling Arakhala proposed plans for 1981

  B0401010102000    Final Food for Work report / J. Williamson

  B0401010106000    Annual report of CHP work in Buling Arakhala Project, 1980

  B0401010107000    Buling - Arakhala Project annual report for 1980

  B0401010113000    Experience of drinking water project in Buling - Arakhala Project / Steve Erickson and J. Williamson

B040102 Buling-Arakhala, Nawal Parasi Hills Development Project

  B0401020002000    Buling - Arakhala Project health program, and future of health care / A. Dietz and R. Carnahan

  B0401020006000    Buling - Arakhala Project annual report, 1981

  B0401020010000    Report of visit to Buling Arakhala / S. Clark

  B0401020012000    Nutritional status survey in Arakhala panchayat / A. Dietz

  B0401020014000    Buling - Arakhala project half yearly report, Jul 82 / M. Dietz

  B0401020022000    Animal health improvement programme report , NPHDP / M. Grimes

  B0401020023000    Proposal for Bhailatar irrigation scheme / J. Williamson

  B0401020026000    Response to New Era report  on NPHDP/ J. Williamson

  B0401020027000    Description of Nawal Parasi Hills Development Project / D. Gurung

  B0401020028000    Permanent changes taken place as a result of NPHD Project activities

  B0401020030000    NPHDP Half yearly report, Jan - Jul 83

  B0401020033000    NPHDP Plans for 1984

  B0401020037000    NPHDP annual reports for 1983

  B0401020037001    Report on Rural Industries for Jan - Dec 83

  B0401020045000    Order to leave Nawal Parasi: letter / S. Erickson                                                                Only partially scanned.

  B0401020046000    Report of events re closing NPHDP in detail

  B0401020049000    Report to UMNers on events related to closing of NPHD Project                                           Only partially scanned.

  B0401020050000    Requests of local people for UMN to continue work in Nawal Parasi                                       Only partially scanned.

  B0401020059000    Interim report on SEP evaluation of NPHDP/ B. Sydnor

  B0401020062000    NPHDP PMC and feasibility study / Al Schlorholtz                                                              Only partially scanned.

  B0401020063000    NPHDP PMC minutes

  B0401020065000    Summary of Buling - Arakhala Project for UMN 35th booklet

  B050001 Butwal Area

  B0500010004000    House rules, UMN Butwal

  B0500010019000    Information on holidays for UMN personnel working in Butwal

  B0500010022000    Record of activities that have been run by wives in Butwal

  B0500010030000    Welcome to Butwal Pack: notes on living conditions, work, etc.                                            Only partially scanned.

  B0500010036000    Some notes on the Butwal climate

  B060101 Butwal Technical Institute

  B0601010001000    Tentative plans for Community Centre in Tansen

  B0601010005000    Permission for "schools" refused: letter from Department of Education

  B0601010007000    Technical Institute in Andhikhola, and comments                                                              Only partially scanned.

  B0601010007001    ITID organization plan

  B0601010007002    Location of proposed Technical Institute

  B0601010008000    Andhikhola turned down; permission for Terai only                                                           Only partially scanned.

  B0601010009000    Locating the Technical Institute in the plains                                                                    Only partially scanned.

  B0601010010000    Locating the Institute of Technology in Butwal

  B0601010013000    Permission granted: copy of ITID Agreement in English and Nepali                                       English pages only scanned.

  B0601010014000    Site for Technical Institute, Butwal

  B0601010017000    News and prayer letter, no.3/65, on BTI

  B0601010020000    Progress report on BTI (Occasional letter, no. 3/65)

  B0601010026000    Report for 1966 - building and operation

  B0601010035000    Progress report

  B0601010037000    Long term plans and capital budgets

  B0601010045000    Butwal flood (Occasional letter, no.2/70

  B0601010050000    Detailed annual report for 1970

  B0601010056000    Extension of Agreement for the Institute of Technology and Industrial Development from

                           Department of Cottage Industries

  B0601010057000    BTI description

  B0601010061000    BTI purposes

  B060102 Butwal Technical Institute

  B0601020005000    Descriptive statement on BTI: letter from Francis Sauer to Customs Office, and duplicated paper

  B0601020016000    Notes for Long Term Planning meeting, 22-24 October

  B0601020018000    Production report

  B0601020019000    Butwal ITID description

  B0601020021000    Principles of relationship between BTI and DCS

  B0601020022000    Copy of Agreement between HMG and UMN concerning ITID

  B0601020024000    Organization of sales: notes on discussion, 4 & 8 July                                                       Only partially scanned.

  B0601020045000    Notes from discussion BPF - BTI - UMN Butwal projects

  B0601020046000    Principles of relationship between BTI and DCS

  B0601020050000    Future organization of BTI

  B0601020051000    Board agenda notes and reports for July 1976                                                                  Only partially scanned.

  B0601020053000    Copy of new ITID agreement with HMG


Full Reference                                               Name of Document                                                 CD-ROM Notes

  UMN CD 2 - Contents List

B060103 Butwal Technical Institute

  B0601030011000    Contract between BTI, UMN and DCS

  B0601030012001    BTI production-cum-training philosophy

  B0601030015000    Suggested syllabus for an "Information Course" for the BTI training of apprentices

  B0601030017000    Plans and policies of BTI for offering various training opportunities to local industrial and

                           commercial organisations

  B0601030020000    Business Training and Service Program

  B0601030027001    Table showing the number of applicants, those admitted for training and also those having

                           completed the training (BTI)

  B0601030029000    Establishing of new training activities

  B0601030032000    DCS advanced training programme [for BTI tradesmen]

  B0601030041000    DCS observations on the BTI training

  B0601030042000    Brief history and some of the highlights of BTI apprenticeship training

  B0601030052000    Silver jubilee celebration: invitation & program, booklet (in box)

  B0601030053000    BTI goals

  B0601030055001    Report on personnel

  B0601030070000    Report on BTI activities for the FY 2046/47

  B0601030072000    Report on the training activities in BTI for 1990

  B060104 Butwal Technical Institute

  B0601040005000    BTI - write-up for grant application

  B0601040009000    Draft of annual plan for 1993/94

  B060301 BTI - Apprenticeship Training

  B0603010004000    Rules concerning trainees

  B0603010006000    Purpose and place of training within BTI: a study

  B0603010019000    Development of apprentice training as part of the activities at ITID, Butwal

  B0603010022000    Statement of definitions related to the roles - production and training in BTI

  B0603010028000    Analysis of BTI training

  B0603010029000    Training plans for 1974

  B0603010032000    Outline of present production-cum-training activities

  B0603010038000    Training section planning report

  B0603010044000    Hostel and canteen rules

  B0603010046000    Annual report, Training Section, 1977

  B0603010057000    Fixing of levels: letter from Ministry of Education giving recognition                                      Only partially scanned.

  B070101 Butwal, DCS - Reports, etc.

  B0701010005000    Re: BTI's role in regional planning and industrial development

  B0701010008000    Participation in development in Sunauli-Pokhara Road Region                                            Only partially scanned.

  B0701010012000    UMN and regional planning and development in Nepal

  B0701010014000    Regional planning and development (Notes for Workers' Conference. Appendix II)

  B0701010015000    Plans and budgets for the new DCS of the UMN ITID                                                          Only partially scanned.

  B0701010018000    Principles of relationship between BTI and DCS

  B0701010019000    Appraisal of alternatives, Butwal Area, UMN                                                                      Memo only scanned.

  B0701010020000    Plans and budgets for 1974: final and detailed papers

  B0701010025000    Principles of relationship between BTI and DCS

  B0701010028000    Plans for 1977

  B0701010029000    Report on DCS activities and projects

  B0701010036000    Plans and budgets for 1979, in detail

  B0701010039000    Rural equipment development project

  B0701010041000    Proposed plans and budgets 1980

  B0701010045000    Plans and budgets for 1981

  B0701010047000    Program research and development

  B0701010049000    Annual progress report on Rural Equipment Development to CWS

  B0701010053000    Planning meeting, with proposed plans for 1982                                                               Only partially scanned.

  B0701010062000    New cooking system for BTI canteen

  B0701010064000    DCS Rural Equipment Development Programme: extension grant proposal

  B0701010065000    Principles of R&D in DCS

  B0701010066000    Bi-annual report on Rural Equipment Development Program (REDP) to CWS

  B0701010068000    Biofertilizer production unit - economic analysis

  B0701010073000    Half year reports

  B0701010078000    Annual reports for 1983

  B070102 Butwal, DCS - Reports, etc.

  B0701020003000    Areas of need for Chepang development

  B0701020005000    18 month detailed "annual" reports                                                                                Only partially scanned.

  B0701020006000    Overview of DCS

  B0701020009000    Asha Craft

  B0701020011000    Comments on UMN's R&D work, and responses

  B0701020015000    Detailed annual reports for 1984/85                                                                                Only partially scanned. Some pages poor quality, but legible

                                                                                                                                                       using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  B0701020019000    Summary report on bacterial fertilizer field trial

  B0701020020000    Advertisements for DCS products for AID exhibition

  B0701020021000    REDP report on activities up to the end of 1985

  B0701020024000    Annual reports for 1985/86

  B0701020027000    Detailed plans for 1987/88

  B0701020032000    Detailed annual reports for 1987/88

  B0701020033000    DCS Advanced Training Programme: general information

  B0701020036000    Philosophy paper for R&D work

  B0701020038000    Plans and budget for 1989/90

  B0701020044000    Training & Promotion Division: detailed plan of action

  B0701020046000    Outline of DCS

  B0701020049000    Nepali professional and DCS

  B0701020050000    Detailed plans for 1990/91

  B0701020050001    Low wattage electricity cookers: making the most of micro-hydro power

  B0701020052000    Application for financial support, and appendices, 16 July 1990 - 15 July 1993                         Only partially scanned.

  B0701020053000    Annual reports for 2046/47 (1989/90)

  B0701020056000    Plans for 1991/92

  B0701020058000    Quarterly report for DANIDA, Jan - March 1991

  B0701020059000    DCS liabilities related to the risk of R&D work

  B0701020060000    Quarterly report for DANIDA, 17 July to 17 October 1991

  B0701020062000    Quarterly report to DANIDA, mid October 91 to mid January 92

  B070103 Butwal, DCS - Reports, etc.

  B0701030001000    Rolling plans and budgets, 1992-95

  B0701030002000    Annual plans, 1992/93                                                                                                Some pages poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or

                                                                                                                                                       if printed.

  B0701030004000    Briefing document for the National Planning Commission, and project proposal 1992-95

  B0701030005000    Annual reports for 1992/93

  B0701030008000    Proposal for 3 year funding package, 1993-96

  B0701030010000    Detailed plans for 1993/94                                                                                           Only partially scanned.

  B0701030011000    Funding proposal for DCS, 1993-96

  B070301 Butwal, DCS - STMP

  B0703010006000    Application for grant to MCC

  B0703010007000    Some thoughts regarding "micro" and "mini-micro" power plants in Nepal

  B0703010009000    Report no.1 to MCC, Oct 15, 1976 to Apr 15, 1977

  B0703010012000    Preliminary proposal for UMN participation in a turbine and mill installation program

  B0703010013000    Report no.2 to MCC, Apr - Oct 1977

  B0703010020000    Mejewa: the first chapter in its development

  B0703010021000    Report no.3 to MCC, Oct 1977 - Apr 1978

  B0703010023000    STMP information paper

  B0703010024000    Plans for 1979

  B0703010025000    Application for grants to MCC

  B0703010027000    Final report for the 2-year MCC grant, 15.10.76 - 15.10.78

  B0703010032000    Request for an extension grant for STMP [draft and final]                                                    Only partially scanned.

  B0703010037000    STMP plans for 1981, and for 1981-1985

  B0703010038000    General information about STMP: letter to ADB

  B0703010040000    Extension grant application

  B0703010047000    STMP MCC grant final report

  B0703010049000    Guidelines for establishing community owned mills

  B0703010052000    Report / description of STMP

  B0703010058000    Proposal for the immediate future of STMP

  B0703010059000    STMP plans for 1984

  B0703010066000    Report on community ownership of mills and SFDP

  B0703010068000    STMP annual report, 1985/86

  B0703010069000    Description of project

  B0703010070000    STMP plans for 1987/88

  B0703010072000    STMP detailed annual report 1987/88

  B0703010073000    STMP plans for 1989/90

  B0703010075000    Annual report of STMP, 1989/90

  B0703010078000    STMP annual report, 1991/92

  B070501 Butwal, DCS - REP

  B0705010003000    DCS REP technical notes

  B0705010006000    Funding application to ITDG

  B0705010009000    REP progress report no.1 to 14 June 1979

  B0705010010000    REP progress report no.2, 15 June to 16 September 1979

  B0705010011000    Policy and guidelines for installations

  B0705010012000    REP progress report no.3, 17 September 1979 to 14 January 1980

  B0705010014000    REP progress report no.4, 15 January 1980 to 12 April 1980

  B0705010016000    REP progress report no.5, 13 April 1980 to 15 July 1980

  B0705010017000    REP plan and budget for 1981

  B0705010018000    REP progress report no.6, 16 July 1980 to 16 October 1980

  B0705010019000    New ideas for design of electric storage cooker using broken rock and burnt clay

  B0705010020000    REP progress report no.7, 17 October 1980 to 13 January 1981

  B0705010021000    REP progress report no.8, 14 January 1981 to 15 July 1981

  B0705010022000    Report on rice huller

  B0705010024000    REP progress report no.9, 16 July 1981 to 13 January 1982

  B0705010025000    Mill lighting system in Nepal

  B0705010027000    REP progress report no.10, 14 January 1982 to 15 July 1982

  B0705010029000    REP progress report no.11, 16 July 1982 to 15 July 1983

  B0705010030000    REP plans for 1984-1986

  B0705010034000    REP annual report, 1984/85

  B0705010036000    REP plans and budgets for 1987/88

  B0705010037000    REP annual report 1986/87

  B0705010038000    REP detailed annual report 1987/88

  B0705010039000    REP plans for 1988-1993

  B070701 Butwal, DCS - Pumps

  B0707010012000    Hydraulic ram pump: research and development progress report

  B0707010013000    Hydraulic ram pump: information sheet

  B0707010015000    Fund usage report, October '81 - October '82

  B0707010017000    Hydraulic ram pump development report

  B0707010018000    Hydraulic ram pump research and development progress report

  B0707010020000    Hydraulic ram pump programme brief report

  B0707010022000    Hydraulic ram pump follow-up report

  B070801 Butwal, DCS - Roofing Tiles

  B0708010001000    Manufacture of roofing tiles - information sheet

  B0708010003000    Roofing tile programme annual report, 1984/85

  B0708010004000    Roofing tile programme annual report, 1985/86

  B0708010005000    Roofing tile programme long term plan, 1987-1991

  B0708010007000    Roofing tiles programme annual report, 1987/88

  B0708010008000    Basic business for roofing tiles entrepreneurs

  B0708010011000    Roofing tiles programme of DCS (Promotional leaflet)

  B0708010012000    Roofing tiles programme four year plan, 1989-93

  B0708010015000    Answers to common questions on fibre concrete tiles

  B0708010019000    Promotion of roofing tile technology

  B0708010020000    Roofing tiles programme four year plan, 1990-94

  B0708010021000    Fibre cement roof tiles: problems and solutions

  B0708010023000    Roofing tile programme annual plan, 1991/92

  B0708010024000    Roofing tiles workshop in Okhaldhunga

  B0708010025000    Roofing tile programme plan for 1992/93

  B080101 Butwal, Industrial Development - Reports, etc.

  B0801010004000    Concerning relationships between UMEDA, ITID, Divisions / Projects and HMG

  B0801010006000    Concerning relationships between UMEDA, ITID, Divisions / Projects and HMG, and chart

  B0801010012000    UMEDA overseas personnel needs

  B0801010016000    Views of the possibilities for establishing a Butwal Campus of the Tribhuwan University for

                           Technical Training and Research

  B0801010023000    UMEDA report for 1975

  B0801010031000    Statement of UMN's involvement in industrial and "appropriate technological" development in Nepal:


  B0801010037000    EDB related projects: plans for 1980

  B0801010045000    Introduction to the engineering part of UMN Economic Development

  B0801010047000    UMN-related industries (organisation chart & details)

  B0801010050000    Some points of comparison among Development Board, Corporation and Company Act

  B0801010054000    Business Training and Service Program                                                                         Only partially scanned.

  B0801010065000    ID PMC and related institutions reports for 1982

  B0801010069000    Summary report to EDB

  B0801010074000    ID PMC and related institutions interim report for 1983

  B0801010091000    ID PMC summary report to EDB

  B0801010092000    ID PMC annual plan for 1985/86

  B0801010093000    ID Working Group on long term planning final report

  B0801010103000    Industrial sector long term plan, 1985/86 - 1990/91

  B0801010108000    Allied industries of UMN ITID

  B0801010111000    Information for energy directory

  B0801010113000    Methodology and exchange of technical information and appropriate technology

  B0801010114000    Diagrammatic outline of ITID project 1963-1980

  B0801010118000    Shareholdings in UMN related companies

  B0801010119000    Policy on PCS for seconded personnel

  B0801010122000    Renewed and revised agreement between HMGN and UMN concerning ITID

  B0801010123000    Overview of shares in Companies (1987)

  B0801010124000    Policy on PCS of seconded personnel

  B0801010125000    Mid-term evaluation of industrial sector long term plan, 1985/96-1990/91

  B080102 Butwal, Industrial Development - Reports, etc.

  B0801020037000    UMN's industrial development work: presentation to Executive Committee, with recommendations

  B0801020039000    UMN contribution to industrial development in Nepal

  B0801020044000    Shareholding report

  B0801020045000    UMN establishments in Butwal: brief information, 1963-1990

  B0801020051000    UMN manual for Board directors of related organisations

  B0801020054000    Contract between UMN and (A) for secondment of UMN workers

  B0801020059000    Funding for employees housing loan proposal

  B0801020067000    Agreement between HMGN and UMN concerning ITID

  B0801020070000    Shareholding report

  B080301 Butwal - Constitution & Bye-laws, SOWRs

  B0803010001000    Butwal Technical Institute draft constitution and bye-laws

  B0803010002000    Butwal Technical Institute printed revision of SOWR

  B0803010003000    Butwal Technical Institute revised SOWR

  B0803010004000    United Mission Economic Development Agency printed constitution and bye-laws

  B0803010005000    United Mission Economic Development Agency amended SOWR

  B0803010006000    Industrial Development PMC SOWR

  B0803010007000    Industrial Development PMC revised SOWR

  B0803010008000    Industrial Development PMC revised SOWR

  B0803010009000    Development and Consulting Services SOWR

  B0803010010000    Butwal Project PMC SOWR

  B080401 Butwal - Co-ord. Comm., Butwal Project, Advisory Comm.

  B0804010001000    ITID Divisional Co-ordinating Committee minutes                                                              Only partially scanned.

  B080501 Butwal - Hydropower General

  B0805010002000    Electrification and development

  B0805010003000    Hydel - how small is beautiful?

  B0805010004000    Development of a village - Majuwa's first chapter

  B0805010009000    Small hydropower - which approach is appropriate?

  B0805010011000    UMN's involvement on hydro power development in Nepal

  B0805010016000    Introduction to Nepal [and hydropower]

  B0805010017000    Development of hydro power related industry in Nepal  with reference to Tinau, Andhikhola and

                           Jhimruk hydel projects

  B0805010022000    Rural electrification in Nepal: new techniques for affordable power

  B0805010025000    Update on hydropower

  B090001 Butwal Engineering Works

  B0900010006000    Memorandum of association of BEW

  B0900010010000    BEW chairman's annual report to AGM

  B0900010025000    UMN assistance to Gobar Gas Co. and to BEW for production of Gobar Gas equipment

  B0900010042000    Interim report on BEW

  B0900010045000    Minutes of 4th AGM of BEW                                                                                         Only partially scanned.

  B0900010048000    Basic principles of relationship between NHE and BEW

  B0900010050000    Introduction to BEW

  B0900010052000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B0900010057000    Information on BEW for funding request                                                                         Only partially scanned.

  B0900010068000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B0900010077000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B0900010082000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B090002 Butwal Engineering Works

  B0900020002000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B0900020006000    BEW chairman's report to AGM

  B0900020009000    BEW chairman's report to 14th AGM

  B100001 Butwal Wood Industries

  B1000010003000    BTI Jiri furniture price list, and advert                                                                             Only partially scanned.

  B1000010010000    Report about BWI

  B1000010013000    Export of chairs abroad - circular with details

  B1000010017000    Marketing for BWI

  B1000010018000    Proposed memorandum and articles of association of BWI

  B1000010025000    Analysis of the present situation in BWI

  B1000010037000    BWI chairman's report to AGM

  B1000010043000    BWI chairman's report to BWI

  B1000010047000    Dust extractor

  B1000010050000    BWI chairman's report to Board

  B1000010060000    Running of BWI

  B1000010065000    Final report of fraud investigation

  B1000010069000    BWI Sales Office, Kathmandu report to the Board

  B1000010074000    Report on BWI

  B1000010079000    BWI chairman's report to AGM

  B1000010082000    BWI chairman's report to AGM

  B1000010088000    Draft proposal for working rules of the BWI Employees' Share Trust

  B1000010093000    Minutes and report of 9th AGM of BWI                                                                            Only partially scanned.

  B1000010096000    Management consultancy for BWI. Part 1: Analysis of receivables

  B1000010097000    Management consultancy for BWI. Part 2: Monthly cash flow analysis

  B1000010098000    Management consultancy for BWI. Part 3: Break even analysis

  B1000010107000    Management consultancy for BWI. Part 6: The sales reporting system

  B1000010108000    Management consultancy for BWI. Part 7: Sales analysis

  B1000010109000    Discussion paper on merger of BWI and BPF

  B1000010111000    Market survey for quality furniture

  B100002 Butwal Wood Industries

  B1000020002000    BWI chairman's report to AGM

  B1000020009000    BWI chairman's report to AGM

  B1000020016000    Notice of BWI's liquidation in Rising Nepal

  B1000020021000    Report for 1991/92: BWI in liquidation

  B110101 Butwal Power Company

  B1101010001000    Excerpt on Tinau Khola, from Plans and principles

  B1101010005000    BPC chairman's report to 2nd AGM

  B1101010008000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010010000    Butwal flood (Occasional letter; 2/70)

  B1101010020000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 1 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010024000    BPC chairman's report to AGM for 1971/72

  B1101010026000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 2 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010028000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 3 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010030000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 4 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010033000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010035000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 5 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010037000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 6 on 3rd grant from NORAD                             Poor quality, but legible using "zoom in" facility or if printed.

  B1101010040000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 7 on 3rd grant from NORAD

  B1101010045000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010048000    Hydro electric power project in Butwal: report no. 1 on 4th grant from NORAD

  B1101010050000    Hydro electric power project in Butwal: report no. 2 on 4th grant from NORAD

  B1101010053000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010056000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 3 on 4th grant from NORAD

  B1101010060000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 4 on 4th grant from NORAD

  B1101010061000    Design of Tinau dam

  B1101010064000    BPC chairman's report to AGM, and statement                                                                  Only partially scanned.

  B1101010067000    Hydro electric power project Butwal: report no. 5 on 4th grant from NORAD

  B1101010068000    Tinau Tunnel Hydro Project starts supplying electricity

  B1101010078000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010084000    Report on damage at headworks due to slides and estimate for the repair                               Only partially scanned.

  B1101010088000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010091000    Agreement between HMG, NEC and UMN for handover of Butwal Power Project

  B1101010094000    BPC chairman's report to AGM, and financial statements 036/037                                          Only partially scanned.

  B1101010098000    Report on developments on the flood morning of 29 September 1981

  B1101010101000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010103000    BPC brief report to UMN for 1981

  B1101010104000    Tinau Watershed Project: summary of facts

  B1101010109000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010111000    BPC description

  B1101010113000    Minutes of the 36th - 39th BPC Board meetings                                                                 Only partially scanned.

  B1101010117000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010121000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010127000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010129000    Present status: BPC & NHE

  B1101010133000    Establishment of a section for Consulting Services within BPC

  B1101010138000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101010141000    Minutes of a meeting of the UMN appointed directors on BPC Board                                      Only partially scanned.

  B1101010143000    Minutes of a meeting of the UMN appointed directors on BPC Board                                      Only partially scanned.

  B110102 Butwal Power Company

  B1101020003000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101020007000    Evaluation of rates charged to BPC by NHE: report to NHE Board

  B1101020008000    Minutes of the 67th - 68th BPC Board meetings                                                                 Memorandum and articles attached to minutes of 68th Board

                                                                                                                                                       meeting only scanned.

  B1101020010000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101020013000    Share structure of BPC and related companies

  B1101020018000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101020023000    BPC chairman's report to AGM

  B1101020028000    BPC chairman's report to AGM, and 27th AGM minutes                                                       Chairman's report only scanned.

  B1101020031000    Commitment in action workshop

  B120101 Butwal Plywood Factory

  B1201010002000    Sawmill and plywood mill: plans and budgets for 1966

  B1201010011000    Plywood mill development: project description

  B1201010021000    Permission to establish plywood industry, and conditions attached

  B1201010031000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201010034000    Brief outline of BPF

  B1201010046000    Plywood factory in Butwal

  B1201010049000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201010056000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201010060000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201010062000    BPF programmes of operation for FY 2033/34 (1976/77)

  B1201010067000    BPF chairman's report to 5th AGM

  B1201010070000    BPF chairman's report to 6th AGM

  B1201010077000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201010082000    Brief annual report for 1981

  B120102 Butwal Plywood Factory

  B1201020002000    BPF report for 1982

  B1201020006000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020009000    Introduction to BPF

  B1201020016000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020025000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020032000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020035000    Note on the profitability of BPF

  B1201020038000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020040000    Timber supply for BPF, and threat of closure

  B1201020054000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020057000    Papers on merger of BWI into BPF

  B1201020058000    BPF timber supply report

  B1201020061000    BPF present situation

  B1201020062000    Notification to workers of temporary closure of BPF                                                           Only partially scanned.

  B1201020068000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020072000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B1201020079000    Lease out of BPF

  B1201020082000    BPF chairman's report to AGM

  B120301 BPF Forestry Program

  B1203010006000    BPF Forestry Programme report for 1985/86

  B1203010007000    Report of a visit to BPF

  B1203010011000    Technical report on agroforestry activities with BPF

  B1203010016000    BPF Forestry Programme and its relation with the community around the plantation site

  B1203010017000    Report of a visit BPF plantation programme by RDC Trees

  B1203010018000    Technical report on BPF agroforestry activities                                                                 Only partially scanned.

  B1203010019000    Reports for 1986/87, BPF Poplar Trial & Jogikuti

  B1203010021000    Management plan of BPF Forestry Project in the Terai

  B1203010029000    BPF Forestry Programme plans for 1989/90

  B1203010031000    BPF Forestry Programme: suggested goals for UMN involvement

  B1203010032000    BPF Forestry Programme annual reports, and statements

  B1203010034000    BPF Forestry Programme annual plans and budget for 1990/91

  B1203010038000    BPF Forestry Programme annual report, and statement 1989/90

  B1203010039000    BPF Forestry Programme future direction

  B1203010040000    Proposal on the future strategy for involvement in BPF Forestry Programme

  B1203010045000    BPF Forestry Programme field report

  B1203010048000    BPF Forestry Programme long term plan, 1993/94 - 1996/97

  B1203010049000    Description of BPF Forestry Programme

  B1203010050000    BPF annual report, 1992/93

  B130101 Butwal, Gobar Gas Co.

  B1301010003000    Proposal for construction of 100 gobar gas plants as a joint project for ADBN and DCS

  B1301010004000    Economics of gobar gas

  B1301010008000    Gobar Gas Plant Construction Project report no. 2: covering period January 15, 1976 to July 15,

                           1976 [to MCC]

  B1301010010000    Report on first inspection visits to 95 gobar gas plants constructed in Nepal

  B1301010011000    Gobar Gas Plant Construction Project report no. 3: covering period July 16, 1976 to January 13,

                           1977 [to MCC]

  B1301010014000    Memorandum and articles of association of Gobar Gas and KYB Pvt. Ltd.

  B1301010015000    Report on second inspection visits to 95 gobar gas plants constructed in Nepal

  B1301010016000    Gobar Gas Plant Construction Project report no. 4: covering period January 14, 1977 to July 16,

                           1977 [to MCC]

  B1301010017000    Gobar Gas Plant Construction Project report no. 5: final report covering the entire project period

                           January 15, 1975 to July 16, 1977 [to MCC]

  B1301010020000    Gobar Gas Co. Manager's report to meeting

  B1301010024000    Economics of Gobar Gas

  B1301010026000    Gobar Gas report on operations

  B1301010039000    Bio-gas research - occasional report no. 1

  B1301010042000    Gobar Gas annual report and financial statements, 2034/35 (1977/78)                                     Only partially scanned.

  B1301010049000    Organizational structure charts                                                                                     Only partially scanned.

  B1301010051000    Bio-gas research, development and construction project: some changes in emphasis

  B1301010052000    Gobar Gas operation report for the year 2035/36

  B1301010053000    Revised application to USAID

  B1301010055000    Analysis of the problems and promises

  B1301010056000    Report to USAID to Sept. 25th 1979

  B1301010057000    Gobar Gas Plant follow-up: interim report no. 1, February 1979 to October 1979

  B1301010058000    Bio-gas Research and Development Project occasional report, November 1979

  B1301010062000    Report on third inspection visit to 95 gobar gas plants constructed in Nepal, Sept. - Dec. '79

  B1301010065000    Annual report to AGM of Gobar Gas

  B1301010071000    Second quarterly technical report, 25th December 1979 to 25th March 1980

  B1301010073000    Report on first inspection visit to 11 Chinese design bio-gas plants constructed in Pokhara, Nepal

  B1301010074000    Third quarterly technical report, 25th March 1980 to 25th June 1980

  B1301010083000    Report on international symposium on bio-gas, Taiwan

  B1301010084000    Fourth quarterly technical report, 25th June 1980 to 25th September 1980

  B1301010085000    First annual report [to USAID], 25th September 1979 to 25th September 1980

  B1301010088000    Night soil gas plant

  B1301010089000    Gobar Gas plans for 1981                                                                                            Only partially scanned.

  B1301010090000    Gobar Gas three year plan, 1981-83

  B1301010094000    Fifth quarterly technical report, 25th September 1980 to 25th December 1980

  B1301010100000    Biogas, farmers, and development in Nepal


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  UMN CD 3 - Contents List

B130102 Butwal, Gobar Gas Co.

  B1301020003000    Commercial approach to biogas extension in Nepal

  B1301020006000    Sixth quarterly technical report, 25th December 1980 to 25th March 1981

  B1301020011000    Post interim evaluation reassessment of purposes, achievements and plans objective

  B1301020014000    Seventh quarterly technical report, 25th March 1981 to 25th June 1981