Guide to the International Missionary Council Archives

Guide compiled by Inter Documentation Company bv

From originals held at World Council of Churches, Geneva

Yale Divinity School Library Special Collections

Ms Fiche No. 85

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H-10,000: Early History and Committees
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I. Early History and Policy

II. World Missionary Conference, 1910

III. Continuation Committee of W.M.C. and Emergency Committee of Co-operating Missions

IV. Continuation Committee

V. IMC Committee Meetings

VI. IMC Counsellors Meetings

VII. IMC Officers Meetings

VIII. IMC Staff Conferences and Meetings

IX. Other Administrative Material

H10,001: Staff and Officers Correspondence

H10,002 - H10,010: Program Documentation

I. Committee on the Church and the Jewish People: H-10.002

II. Mission Field Subjects/ Industrial and Social Questions: H-10.003

III. War and Missions/ Orphaned Missions/ Intermission Aid: H-10.004

IV. Missions and Governments/ Alien Missionaries: H-10.005

V. Religious Liberty: H-10.006

VI. Religious Education: H-10.007

VII. Christian Literature: H-10.008

VIII. Miscellaneous Papers: H-10.009

IX. Finance: H-10.010

H-10,012-H-10,014: Research and Study Program

I. Research Department: H-10.012

II. Research Dept. - Department of Missionary Studies: H10.013

III. Study Centres: H 10.014

H-10,015: Country Files: Europe

I. Europe - general
II. Belgium
III. Bulgaria
IV. Czechoslovakia
V. Continental Missions- general
VI. France
VII. Germany
VIII. Great Britain
IX. Hungary
X. Netherlands
XI. Poland
XII. Portugal
XIII. Russia
XIV. Spain
XV. Scandinavia: Denmark
XVI. Scandinavia: Finland
XVII. Scandinavia: Norway
XVIII. Scandinavia: Sweden
XIX. Switzerland

H-10,016: Country Files: Asia

I. Asia - general
II. Burma
III. China
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IV. Hong Kong
V. Indonesia
VI. Japan
VII. Korea
VIII. Malaysia
IX. Pakistan
X. Philippines
XI. Sri Lanka
XII. Thailand

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H-10,107: Country Files: Near & Middle East

H-10,018: Country Files: Africa

H-10,109: Country Files: North America

H-10,020: Country Files: Latin America

H-10,021: Country Files: Australia / Pacific

H-10,022: IMC Assemblies

H-10,024: Joint Committee WCC / IMC

H-10,024: CWME Conferences

H-12: Archives of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches, 1906-1948

H-13: Questionnaires / Responses in Preparation of the Edinburgh Missionary Conference, 1910