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See below for a description of public spaces at the Divinity Library.
Areas available for group study are designated by a green GS on the floorplans.
Areas designated for quiet study are designated with a purple QS.1st Floor

2nd Floor

Ground Floor

Public Spaces in the Yale Divinity Library


L-1 Main Wing Stacks. Houses bound periodicals, books labeled "Oversize," books labeled "Folio," and the beginning of regular-sized books

L-2 Chapel Wing Stacks. Houses the continuation of the LC classification books. The carrels on this level are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The carrels are wired and have electrical outlets. There are shelves at the far end of the room that can be assigned to students writing theses. This is a designated quiet study area.

L-4 Nouwen Prayer Chapel. Can be scheduled (through Event Management System) for classes or services. When not scheduled, it is available for private meditation and prayer. The key to the organ is at the Circulation Desk.

L-6 Marvin Pope Seminar Room. It can be scheduled through EMS for small classes. The room contains a core collection of Biblical texts and reference works and is intended to be used by students writing exegesis papers. It is equipped with a black board and a library workstation that includes a database of Marvin Pope's off-prints.

L-7 Group Study Room. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

L-8 East Wing Stacks. Houses bound periodicals. There are three microform readers and one audio and video playback workstation.

L-10 Special Collections Reading Room. Primary function is to provide space for researchers to use materials from Special Collections. There are three small tables and one large table, a public scanner, two public workstations, one microform reader, and a photocopier for copying material from Special Collections. Collections in this room include microforms and some non-circulating missions' material.

L-100 Circulation Lobby. There are four public workstations, intended primarily for looking up titles on Orbis. The card dispenser for using the public photocopy machines is on the wall. The Circulation desk is where to check items out and where to ask when something does not appear to be on the shelf.

L-104 Seminar Room. This room is a regularly scheduled classroom. It has projection equipment and a white board. When a class is not in session it can be used for individual or group study.

L-105 Current Periodicals. The latest issues of periodicals are housed here along with the beginning of the bound periodicals. The room has soft seating and a small table. One of the public photocopy machines is against the wall.

L-107. Bibliographic Instruction Room. The primary function of this room is to give instruction in the use of electronic resources. When classes are not being taught, the computers are available for general use. There are three self-service scanning stations in the room and projection equipment.

L-108 Rotunda. There is a large round table and a computer workstation. It has three display cases.

L-114 Ministry Resource Center Lobby. There is one public workstation.

L-115 Ministry Resource Center. There is one public workstation with special software loaded, such as denominational worship resources, four soft chairs, and table and chairs. The primary purpose of the room is to provide access to resources supporting the practice of ministry. The director leads workshops in this space.

L-200 Trowbridge Reference Room. This room is an instructional space, intended as a space where patrons use reference materials and bibliographic instruction takes place. There is some space for group study. The room is equipped with individual study carrels and large tables and chairs, some equipped with library workstations. Some carrels have workstations with stand-alone software. There is a cluster of four soft chairs arranged around a round table.

L-204 Day Missions Reading Room. This room houses our core collection documenting World Christianity. It is a designated quiet study area.



Quiet study areas: Chapel Wing stacks, Day Missions Reading Room


Group study areas: Marvin Pope Biblical Seminar Room, L-7, L-104, Current Periodicals Reading Area, Rotunda, Trowbridge Reference Room


Rooms that can be reserved for classes: L-104, Marvin Pope Biblical Seminar Room, Nouwen Prayer Chapel.



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