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Travel Directions

The Ministry Resource Center is located at Yale Divinity School, inside the Divinity School Library.

Driving Directions Parking Finding the MRC

Finding the Ministry Resource Center
YDS entrance Enter through the main entrance to Yale Divinity School (across from the parking lot) on the driveway off of Prospect Street.
YDS reception Stop at the reception desk for a parking permit for visitor spaces, if you are not able to park on Canner Street or Prospect Street.
YDS left at reception Walk past the reception desk and turn left.
YDS Sarah Smith Gallery Walk down the hallway through the Sarah Smith Gallery. Turn right before the commuter lounge.
YDS Library Walk down the hallway until you see the Divinity Library sign on the left wall just outside the library.
enter YDS Library Enter through the main entrance to the Divinity Library.
YDS circulation Come in past the circulation desk and take a right.
YDS periodicals Keep walking past the periodicals and turn left.
Ministry Resource Center at YDS Library Walk straight ahead to the Ministry Resource Center.