Yale Divinity Library Special Collections

Application for Permission to Use Restricted Circulation Books or Pamphlets
& Request Form

Many of the Yale Divinity Library's restricted circulation holdings are shelved at the off-campus Library Shelving Facility. Please complete and submit this form at least two business days before you wish to view the materials.

1. Application for permission to use restricted circulation books or pamphlets:
I hereby request permission to examine restricted circulation materials in the Yale Divinity School Library. If permission is granted, I agree to comply with the Library's security policies and terms governing use of such materials.

I have read and agree to the terms governing use of Special Collections materials at the Yale Divinity Library.

Today's date:
Email address:

Affiliation and academic status:

Yale - please indicate your status: Undergraduate Graduate Faculty Staff Other

Non-Yale - please indicate your institutional affiliation or other status:

Your application for permission to examine restricted circulation materials will be examined by the Divinity Library Special Collections staff. Should there be any reason to deny permission, you will be notified; otherwise you can assume that the materials will be made available as requested.

2. Items requested:

List call number plus title or author for each item:

Date needed:

Items will be held in the Divinity Library Special Collections Reading Room for three days following this date. Please call 203 432-5301 or email Joan Duffy if you are unable to come use the material within that time period.

Submit your request.


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Last modified 6/11/2010