Final Report of the EAC Working Group Meeting

Charlottesville, Virginia, June 21-23, 2001


EAC Working Groups Meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia, June 21-23, 2001.

Two groups of EAC working group members met in Charlottesville during June 21-23.  The first group, facilitated by Daniel Pitti, was focused on fleshing out the DTD in greater detail than we were able to do in the earlier meeting in Toronto (see list of participants at the end). The second group was there to review the work of the first group at occasional intervals, to form the strategic plan for going forward and to examine the issue of whether the EAC adequately addresses context issues that devolve from the description of electronic recordkeeping systems.


The DTD group met for three full days and worked through all of the high level elements from the earlier meeting and came up with a much more detailed model to address the more complex areas of context description.  They plan to have the final draft of this ready for circulation to the full group in the middle of July.


The steps to take the work forward were outlined by the planning group and are listed below:


Future Strategy for Encoded Archival Context Working Group


First Draft DTD circulated to the full working group

Mid-July (Daniel Pitti to coordinate)


Meeting Report

            Draft and share - mid-July (Anne Van Camp)


Future documentation needed (larger, long-term projects)

            Tag Library

            Application Guidelines


Public Information Campaign

Description of EAC for the public plus talking points for the working group - July

(Anne Van Camp & Wendy Duff)

            Meetings where discussion can take place

SAA (end of August, EAD WG; possible convening of people from Context-L,who will be at SAA, EAD Roundtable, RLG Roundtable, Description Section)  (AVC to coordinate)


ICA CDS -- 1st week in October in Brussels (ISAAR Revisions) [In advance, brief Kent Haworth, Dick Sargeant, Adrian Cunningham, Stefano Vitali, Per-Gunnar Ottoson]


Subgroup on International application to UNESCO to support description

(EAC as potential future for ISAAR)


LEAF --Berlin in August, France in September (Per-Gunnar Ottoson, Gunnar Karlsen)


Digital Sources in the Humanities (in Australia) -- Daniel Pitti


            Web Presence


Yale -- timelines; reports, examples

Daniel Pitti will keep the authoritative version of the DTD at UVA, but when alpha version and documentation is ready, can go on Yale site

Volunteers add encoded examples


Maintenance  Work -- Coordination of WG (2 year time frame -- hand off to ICA eventually; need to also connect with EAD)

            RLG -- meetings, soliciting grants for chunks of this

            Yale -- web site and documentation


Future meeting of the working group (later this year or early next year --January to March time frame)


Formal Launch

            Symposium, invitational conference to publicly launch the work


Liaison work

            (ISAAR-CPF) revision (see above re. ICA CDS)

            ISO RM standard (Hans Hoffman)

            DLM Forum -- Barcelona in May (Hans Hoffman)


Testing/Refinement - early testing

            Swedish National Archives (translate examples) (Per-Gunnar Ottoson)

            LEAF Project (Gunnar Karlsen)

            Yale (biographical info) (Stephen Yearl)

            Australian National Archives, University of Melbourne (Joanne Evans, Adrian Cunningham)

            Historic Manuscripts Commission, (Dick Sargent)



Training, curriculum development, workshops or training centers in various countries



            Need funding for:  Working Group meetings, public launch symposium, tools, training (all will help with suggestions)


How does this relate to Electronic Recordkeeping Systems

            Where do ER requirements fit in or touch EAC?  -- (Margaret Hedstrom)


List of participants:


Daniel Pitti, University of Virginia

Margaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan

Wendy Duff, University of Toronto

Hans Hofman, Information Policy Department, Ministry of the Interior, The Netherlands    

Per-Gunnar Ottoson, National Archives of Sweden

Gunnar Karlsen, University of Bergen, Norway

Joanne Evans, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne

Stephen Yearl, Yale University

Anne Van Camp, RLG