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East Asia Library: Classrooms

The East Asia Library Classroom (SML 207) and Seminar Room (SML 218)

The East Asia Library offers Classroom (SML 207) and Seminar Room (SML 218) to all Yale faculty, students and staff for teaching, group discussion, events, etc.,  with priority given to East Asian Studies-related classes and events.  Room 207 is equipped with a permanent computer workstation, projector, VCR and DVD player.  Room 218 is larger and can be set up with a laptop and projector.  Both spaces are ideal for groups of 15-16, but they can certainly accommodate more.

Don't know which one to choose for your class or event? Let us figure out for you! Just fill in an online request form for teaching or an event reservation, and we will assign you a space that best matches your needs and preferences.