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East Asia Library: Access to other collections in Japan

Access to Other Collections in Japan

Students are advised to do careful research and preparation prior to leaving Yale, as each library may have different restrictions and rules for outside scholars. Access to English language resources on Japan in Japanese library collections is extremely limited, so students are strongly advised to carry out this preliminary research beforehand. However, if such access is needed, students are encouraged to check the International House Library homepage, as certain resources may be available to students there.

Students are encouraged to examine the following guide in preparation to conduct research in Japam:

NCC's Online Guide to Research Access in Japan's major Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLAs) with links to their key Websites 日本研究のためのMLAアクセスガイド


Please contact Haruko Nakamura, Japanese Collection Librarian, in advance of travel for consultation on how to best utilize these sources.