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East Asia Library: Using the University of Tokyo Library

Using the University of Tokyo Library


Yale University Library recently concluded an agreement with the University of Tokyo in order to provide expanded library privileges for Yale faculty and students. The University of Tokyo is considered the top-ranked university in Japan, a status it has maintained since prewar times when it was known as Tokyo Imperial University. It has been the top national university since 1945, and through the recently launched Todai-Yale Initiative, its collections are available for access to Yale University affiliates.

Joint Program Overview:

This joint program is designed to facilitate the use of the University of Tokyo library system by Yale affiliates who are in Japan for individual research. Yale affiliates are allowed to use the general library, as well as some departmental libraries within the University of Tokyo. A list of departmental libraries are available for use by Yale affiliates. However, use of these departmental libraries should be confirmed in advance, as certain departments may not offer access to their libraries.

Yale Affiliate Privileges:

Yale affiliates will receive a library card that will allow them to check out books from the library. In addition, Yale affiliates will be allowed to use spaces on the first and second floors of the general library for computer use. Photocopy service is offered, but no printer access is available, and no wireless access is available.


Yale affiliates planning to use the library during their stay in Japan should contact Haruko Nakamura, the Japanese Collection Librarian, to receive an introductory letter for use at the library.

Yale affiliates who are already in Japan should e-mail Haruko Nakamura, the Japanese Collection Librarian, to receive an introductory letter via fax or mail for use at the library.

A sample introductory letter may be viewed here.

University of Tokyo Library Services: