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New resource: Chinese Names of Western Scholars

Announcing a new online resource: Chinese Names of Western Scholars: a directory

This listing aims to facilitate communication between Western and Asian China-scholars. As anyone who has attended a bi- or multilingual conference can attest, some amount of confusion is occasioned by the fact that Western sinologists are usually known in Chinese-speaking academia primarily by their Chinese names. As the latter, however, are not in common use in Western academic circles, it often takes a while to figure out that, for example, the professor Du Zanqi, whom a Chinese conference participant keeps citing, is in fact better known in the English-speaking world as Prasenjit Duara.

With a view towards tackling this particular barrier to scholarly communication, Philip Clart, Professor of Chinese Studies from University of Leipzig has compiled a preliminary list of several hundred Chinese names of Western scholars. "Western" here does not refer to any sort of ethnic identity, but merely indicates that the person in question publishes (or published) on some aspect of Chinese culture in a Western language. Thus, the list also includes, for example, Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Japanese, and Korean scholars whose names typically only appear in transcription in their publications.

No particular search criteria were applied in compiling this list so that the result is a somewhat heterogeneous mix of scholars from all over the world, most of them alive, some already deceased. It is hoped that the publication of the list will result in submission of additional entries by scholars the world over. Entries, comments and corrections can be submitted by email to clart@uni-leipzig.de.