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Song Yuan Painting & Calligraphy Web Resource

The Freer Gallery of Art is pleased to announce the launch of an online resource of eighty-five works from the collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy dating to the period of the Song and Yuan dynasties (10th–14th centuries). This launch is the culmination of years of careful research and preparation, and will offer unprecedented worldwide access to a remarkable amount of important information—never before assembled or published—about these treasured works of art.

Each of the eighty-five works is presented in images and text. The photography section contains all currently available images for each work, while the documentation section consists of punctuated transcriptions and identifications of all Chinese texts associated with each object—including labels, frontispieces, inscriptions, colophons, and seals—together with numerous explanatory comments and a wide selection of annotated English translations. Each document is presented in PDF format, with an individual table of contents in the Bookmarks tab to facilitate navigation within the text.

The great advantage to this web-format is that, in subsequent years, the resource can easily expand to incorporate new content and scholarship, and both documentation and photography can be periodically updated. Our present aim is to gather feedback from peers in the field and use that feedback to continue developing a robust presence for our collections online.

To view the website, please go to: http://www.asia.si.edu/SongYuan/default.asp

To improve the quality of our presentation and better serve the users of this website, the museum cordially invites colleagues in the field to send us your comments, suggestions, and emendations at the following email address: FreerSongYuan@si.edu

We look forward to hearing from you.