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Asahi shinbun: Meiji, Taisho & Early Showa

The East Asia Library is delighted to announce that we now have access to the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods of Asahi Shinbun in addition to current articles via the Kikuzo II Visual database. Upon entering the database, please click the “Asahi Shinbun Shukusatsuban –朝日新聞縮刷版” tab to search in order to search newspaper articles and advertisements in these periods.

Kikuzo II Visual (http://database.asahi.com/library2e/)

Full-text database of Asahi newspapers from 1879 to the present, including local issues (1998 and later ), and Historical Photo Archives between 1931and 1945. The database also includes full-text articles of AERA (1988.5 - present), Shukan Asahi (2004- present) and the newest edition of Chiezo.