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New exhibit on China and Expo

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce a new exhibit “China and Expo: Historical Records and the Shanghai Expo 2010” in East Asian Reading Room (SML222) to celebrate the upcoming Shanghai Expo 2010 in May.

China has been participating in World’s Fairs ever since the first Expo was held in London in 1851. The East Asia Library contains a wealth of sources for the study of China and World’s Fairs. The upcoming Expo 2010 in Shanghai provided the East Asia Library with an opportunity to extend its collections in this area. This exhibit features published archives on World’s Fairs from the Qing imperial court, catalogues of items exhibited at Chinese Pavilion during the early 20th century, historical records and anecdotes of China’s participation with past fairs, selected monographs on the Shanghai Expo 2010, and the Shanghai Expo souvenirs.