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New Yomiuri Shinbun Database (Yomidasu Rekishikan) - Third trial

We are able to sign up again for trial of newer version of Yomiuri Shinbun which lets you search all the Yomiuri Shinbun more effectively! It is similar to the library's current offering which provides Yomiuri newspaper articles from 1874 to 1980, but this new version allows access to articles from 1874 to the present, plus the English-language Daily Yomiuri, starting in 1989. (The Daily Yomiuri is also available through the online journals section of the library's front door).

Most importantly, this new electronic version provides some special search functions; it is possible to search advertisements in the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods and the interface is much easier to navigate.

The trial ends September 15th, but we hope to subscribe to the database this time.

Yomidasu Rekishikan