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Japanese feature titles for Summer 2010

Below are some feature titles from Japanese collection during the summer. Please note that many of titles below are series which just started or completed. Also, we have some pamphlets for those large sets. If you would like to know more about them, you are welcome to stop by our main office (SML 213).

1. 満鉄記錄映画集(12 DVDs)

2. 日本世相語資料事典 (明治、大正、昭和篇)

3. シリーズ日本のドキュメンタリー (New series. Currently we have: volume 1- 3 & 10 DVD)

4. 文学界 (文藝春秋社, 戦前版; New series. Currently we have: volume 1-3)

5. 貴女之友

6. 足尾銅山鉱毒事件関係資料(New series. Currently we have: volume 1-6)

7. コレクション・モダン都市文化 (第三期 - 新興写真、建築、ル・コルビユジヱ、デザインとバウハウス、機械と芸術、モダン都市と少女、女学校と女子教育、モダン都市と恋愛、美容・化粧・装身、舞踊とバレー、モダン都市の新形態美、軽井沢と避暑、モダン都市と結核、鎌倉と海水浴、病院と病気、モダン都市と少年、旧制高校と大学、モダン都市とマルクス主義、モダン都市とアナーキズム(近刊)、新劇と移動演劇(近刊))

8. 時事通信占領期世論調査

9. 文藝時評大系 (We recently received 昭和篇 III, which completes the whole series including 明治篇、大正篇、昭和篇)

10. 占領期・琉球諸島新聞集成

And more are included in the list!