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Japanese feature titles for Dec-Jan 2011

Along with the new book lists, below are some feature titles from Japanese collection in December – January, 2011. Please note that some of titles below are series which just started or completed.

全国貸本組合連合会 発行 1957(昭和32)年9月~1973(昭和48)年1月 第1号~第64号

朝日新聞外地版 第8回 1943(昭和18年)全9巻

Japan weekly mail : reprint series (85 volumes)

新・日本文壇史 (New series. Currently we have: volume 1-3)

岩波講座東アジア近現代通史 (new installment, we currently own v. 2-3)

And more are included in the list!