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Japanese feature titles for February 2011

Along with the new book lists, below are some feature titles from Japanese collection in February. Please note that some of titles below are series which just started or completed. Again, I have some pamphlets for those large sets. If you would like to know more about them, you are welcome to stop by my office (SML 213).

古代の都 (吉川弘文館: new series)

日本 SF 全集 (出版芸術社: new series)

現代漫画大観 (Reprint by 大空社 : originally published by中央美術社, 1928)

時代が求めた「女性像」: 大正・戦中・戦後にみる「女の一生」(ゆまに書房)

シリーズ 親鸞 (筑摩書房: new series)

And more are included in the list!