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Web Library of Japanese Literature (trial)

I would like to inform you about a trial for the Web Library of Japanese Literature (日本文学Web図書館) database which provides access to contents from the CD-ROM version of Shinpen Kokka Taikan (新編国歌大観) as well as the Shinpen Shika Shūsei (新編私家集大成 - CD-ROM version of 私家集大成plus other added contents.) A major drawback of the database is a requirement for users to download the viewing software, and that software does not work on certain platforms, most notably Mac. The database also requires a login id and password. Please follow the attached instructions for the trial period.

1. Access to the website at http://kotenlibrary.com/weblibrary/kojin

2. Click the button “ダウンロードまたはアプリケーションの起動” to download the viewing software. Please contact Haruko Nakamura (haruko.nakamura@yale.edu) for ID and password

After downloading the viewing software, you can freely use the database. From the next time of login, you can start using the database by just clicking the same “ダウンロード…” button.

Along with their continuing database development, the company is planning to added other contents including Koten Haibungaku Taikei古典俳文学大系(集英社)next spring. For more information about contents, please go to the site below.

http://kotenlibrary.com/weblibrary/kojin (click 日本文学Web図書館についてin the upper right box.)

Please note that the requirement for downloading viewing software and login password make it difficult for the library to subscribe it in the future. However, I am in the middle of negotiation with the company about improvements and hopefully some of the steps can be removed. If you find this database useful, please make sure to give us feedback.