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Database Taiyo

We are delighted to announce that we finally have a new database for the journal Taiyō 太陽 after a long-term license negotiation with the vendor.

Taiyō 太陽 http://yagi.jkn21.com/ (Please access the journal from Nihon Kindai Bungakukan. Also, please note we only have access to the full text of Taiyo.)

Taiyō was a comprehensive journal published by Hakubunkan from Meiji 28 (1895) to Showa 3 (1928). The collection includes a total of 531 issues (175,000 pages), with contributions from approximately 6,500 authors. Fields covered are government, economics, society, general natural science, literature, and manners and customs. Because of its comprehensiveness, the online version of this journal provides some of useful features, including indexing with controlled vocabularies. All the colored illustrations are also included and indexed. The Taiyō database includes special issues 特別号 of Taiyō, except some maps and tables in supplements.

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