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New exhibit on the Study of East Asia at Yale

We are starting out the year with a new exhibit in the East Asian Reading Room (SML 222):

The Study of East Asia at Yale: 19th Century Pioneers

It features works related to the beginnings of academic study of East Asia and its languages, pioneered at Yale in the 1870s. Some of those featured are:

Addison Van Name
Yale Librarian and man of many “firsts,” he was the first to teach Chinese and Japanese in an American university.

Yung Wing
Yale Class of 1854, the first Chinese graduate of an American college, his influence resulted in the augmentation of the Chinese collection at Yale.

Samuel Wells Williams
Missionary, diplomat, scholar, and linguist, he came to Yale in 1877 as Professor of Chinese Language & Literature. He also helped the Yale College Library to ship first acquisition of East Asian books from China in 1849 when he was a missionary printer in Canton.

Asakawa Kan’ichi
Yale Professor of Japanese history from 1907, he was also the first Curator of the East Asian collections.

Please come around to learn more about the long tradition of East Asian studies at Yale.