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Trial database: Fūzoku Gahō

East Asia Library is pleased to announce that there is a new database trial for Fūzoku Gahō ending on May 4th.

Fūzoku Gahō (http://books.jkn21.com)

One of the first Japanese illustrated magazines from Meiji 22 (1889) to Taishō 5 (1916) depicting manners and customs of Meiji Japan. Including prints and photographs, all articles in the magazine are searchable by titles, authors, dates, place names and keywords. The database can also be used for finding pictorial and encyclopedic information about variety of topics. (Below are some examples of keywords.)

浅草・呉服・花屋・博覧・不動尊・小学校・下駄・京都・見世物・将軍・正月・食物・洪水・辻占・農具・流行・銀座・演劇・祭礼・手鞠歌・方言・公園・相撲・芸妓・稲荷・化粧・停車場・銀行・温泉・遊戯・神社・鉄砲・寺・ホテル・橋・髪・葬式・古墳・煙管・婚姻・海苔・猫・酒屋・陸軍・職人・草履・馬車・病院, etc… (from the publisher’s home page.)

As all of you are aware, unless the database will be utilized, we will not have it past the trial period. If you find this database useful, please make sure to give us feedback.