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NEW Chinese trial database: Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books 中國基本古籍庫

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce that a new Chinese database, Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books 中國基本古籍庫 is available for trial now through November 30, 2013.

About the Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books:

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books collects more than 10,000 titles of most important classical Chinese works in various subjects covering the period from Pre-Qin to the Republic of China. Each title is provided with a digital full-text and at least one version of rare edition. The database incorporates more than 170,000 volumes and 12,500 various rare editions. The size of the contents is at least three times of the well-known "Imperial Collection of the Four Libraries" (四庫全書).

Please note that the trial version does not allow printing or downloading from the database.

Access information:

To access the trial database, please go to the following URL: http://server.wenzibase.com/. When you get to the homepage, please click on the arrow in the login box to proceed, and then select 中國基本古籍庫 icon (on the left in the first row) to enter the database.

Please note that access to the trial Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books is only available from computers on the Yale campus or with off-campus access (http://www.library.yale.edu/about/offcampus.html).

We would like to hear any feedback or comments on this new trial database from you. If you like to schedule a one-on-one session with us to learn more about the database, please feel free to do so. For more information, please contact Michael Meng (michael.memg@yale.edu) .