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NEW Korean trial database: Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online 燕行錄叢刊增補版

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce that a new Korean database, Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online 燕行錄叢刊增補版 is available for trial now through December 11, 2013.

About the Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online:

The Yŏnhaengnok Collection 燕行錄叢刊 is a collection of travel records in the period of the Koryŏ and Chosŏn Dynasty (12th century to 19th century), written by diplomatic agents who traveled to China. It provides a milestone documenting diplomatic relations between Korea and China as well as being extensive record of cultural heritage, covering politics, economics, society, and scholarship.

The Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online 燕行錄叢刊增補版 allows you to browse the travel records by century, king and author, as well as to search the content. It also allows you to search in multi-languages, including classical Korean and Chinese.

Access information:

To access the trial database, please go to the following URL: http://www.krpia.co.kr/pcontent/?svcid=KR&proid=187.

Please note that access to the trial Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online is only available from computers on the Yale campus or with off-campus access (http://www.library.yale.edu/about/offcampus.html).

We would like to hear any feedback or comments on this new trial database from you. If you like to schedule a one-on-one session with us to learn more about the database, please feel free to do so. For more information, please contact Tang Li (tang.li@yale.edu).