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New exhibit in the East Asian Reading Room: "Notable Alumni from East Asia in the 20th Century"

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce that a new exhibit titled “Notable Alumni from East Asia in the 20th Century” has just been set up in the East Asian Reading Room. It features biographies, autobiographies, and books by prominent Yalies who came from East Asia and graduated from the late 19th century through mid-20th century. Some of those featured are:

Yung Wing 容閎 (1828-1912)
Yale Class of 1854, First Chinese Student graduated from US College

Asakawa Kan’ichi 朝河貫一 (1873-1948)
PhD. History (1902). Professor of History and Inaugural Curator of the East Asian collection at Yale University (1907-1948)

Lee Hong-koo 이홍구 [李洪九] (1934- )
Ph.D. Political Sciences (1968). Former Prime Minister of South Korea (1994-1995)

Please come around to learn about the long tradition of East Asian students at Yale!