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East Asia Library Guides: Korea

Korean Studies Resources

Bibliography of Reference Sources

Basic Reference Tools on Korea, by Chun, Kyungmi
Includes a list of reference materials published since 1989.

Bibliographies & Library Catalogs

Keris (Korean Education and Research Information Service)
Union catalog of university libraries in South Korea. You need to register to access their free resources.

Korean History Online
Integrated database of representative Korean history research centers.

Korean History - A Bibliography
A bibliography for English resources on Korean history.

Korean Bibliography
Searchable database of English books on Korea in the Library of Congress.

National Assembly Digital Library (NADL)
Provides online catalogs, indexes, abstracts, and full-text databases on a variety of subject areas. For more information, please refer to the user guide developed by the University of Southern California libraries.
Please note that the NADL is available on one computer in the East Asia Reading Room. Please close all IE browser windows before you start the program.


Han'guk yoktae inmul
A database of eminent Koreans in Korean history. This database can be searched by name, pen name, and family origin.

Han'guk inmul taegye. Pagusa, 1972. 10 vols.
Call #  CT1846 H35, LSF
A collection of biographies of eminent Koreans in Korean history. Each biography is written by a specialist on Korean studies. Each volume runs 500 pages long and contains about fifty biographies.


E-Korean Resources
Includes access to DBPia and KISS (Korean-studies Information Service System).  DBPia is a full text database including over 820 Korean scholarly journals. The journal titles are arranged by 11 subject categories and all journals are available from the first issue.  KISS is a full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications, and research papers published by over 1,200 research institutions in Korea. The database covers all subject areas published since 1945 and offers various search methods. Only available to the Yale community.


Han'guk Minjok Munhwa Tae Paekkwa Sajon (The Great Encyclopedia of Korean Culture). 28 vols.
Call# DS904 H2687X 19, East Asia Library Reference
Includes 65,000 entries with bibliographical references and often color illustrations.

Historical Resources On-line
Han'guksa Database.
A collection of twenty-eight history monographs, indexes and primary sources.

Fifty-three primary historical sources, Kyujanggak chi.  Volume 1 (1977) to volume 24 (2001) are available in the PDF format.


Haksulji Nonmum Saegin
Includes indexes of 2100 academic journals (600 Korean and 1,500 non-Korean journals) from the Korea Social Science Library.

An Index to English Language Periodical Literature Published in Korea, 1890-1940, by Elrod, J. McRee.
Call# AX8 EL741 (LSF-place request through Orbis)

Linguistic Dictionaries

Empas English-Korean and Korean-English Dictionaries

Uri mal Kun Sajon (The Great Korean-Korean Dictionary), by Han'gul hakhoe (Korean Language Research Society).
Call# PL935 U6 1991, East Asia Library Reference

The New World Comprehensive English Dictionary, by Si-sa-yong-o-sa, Inc.
Call# PL937 K67 N49 1989, East Asia Library Reference

Si-sa Elite Korean English Dictionary, by Si-sa-yong-o-sa, Inc.
Call# PL937 E5 E43 1999, East Asia Library Reference


Korean Integrated News Database System
Comprehensive search of major Korean newspapers is provided. English and Korean newspapers are available since 1990.

Han kyore sinmun
Archives back to 1999.

Choson ilbo
Korean and English editions are available from 1920 and 1990, respectively.

Donga ilbo
Korean and English editions are available from 1990 and 2000, respectively.

Archives back to 2000.

Chungang ilbo
Korean and English editions are available from 1965 and 2003, respectively.


Korean Statistic Information System
Various official statistical databases on Korean society and economy are provided. The latest figures are available.

Han'guk Tonggye Yongam (Korean Statistical Yearbook) Seoul: Kyongje Kihoegwon (Economic Planning Board).
Call# 9H/K HA37.1 K6 Social Science Library, Economic Growth Center Collection.

Chon'guk T'onggye Yongam (National Statistical Yearbook), by Han'guk Tosi haengjong Yon'guso (Research Center for Municipal Administration).
Call# HA4630.5 C462, East Asia Library Reference

Yearbooks or Handbooks

South Korea, A Country Study, by Savada, Andrea Matles.
Call# DS902 S68 1992, CCL
Also available at http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/krtoc.html
Includes comprehensive information on the history, society, geography, politics, economy and national security of South Korea.

North Korea, A Country Study, by Savada, Andrea Matles.
Call# DS932 N66 1994, CCL
Also available at http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/kptoc.html

Korean Studies in Japan

Database for Books and Magazines on Modern Korea
Based at the University of Tokyo, this is a bibliography of Japanese-language material on Korea published between1868 and 1945. With preface by Professor Miyajima Hiroshi, an authority on Korean history in Japan.

Bibliography of Korean History from Postwar Japan
Based at the University of Kyoto: a bibliography of books and magazine articles on Korean history published in Japan since 1945. Compiled and copyrighted by Chosenshi kenkyukai (the largest academic society in Japan specializing in Korean history), and linked to the personal website of Professor Mizuno Naoki, another authority on Korean history in Japan.

Other Library and Information Resources

(Korean Studies) Internet Resources Subject Guide
An extensive subject guide maintained through the Council on East Asian Libraries.

Korean Heritage Library, University of Southern California. It has a very good electronic resources guide.

Korea Collection, University of Hawaii

Committee on Korean Studies (CKS), a committee of the Association for Asian Studies.

(The content of this page was provided by Wook Yoon in Spring 2004 and supplemented by Simon Kim in January 2005; both are students of history at Yale. Updated by Tang Li in July 2009.)

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