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East Asia Library Guides: China

Chinese Studies Resources: Table of Contents

This guide lists two types of frequently used resources: one is for answering straightforward questions, and the other is for locating sources, especially primary sources for research purpose. It includes print resources, databases subscribed by the library, and free web resources. You may proceed by clicking any link below to a sub-category:

Basic Reference Tools Locating Sources

This guide aims at providing Yale researchers an easy access to the more frequently used resources. The coverage here is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. Researchers who need more comprehensive tools may use the following resources instead:

Chinese History: A Manual (Wilkinson, 2000) for the study of Chinese history up to the Republican period;

Twentieth Century China: An Annotated Bibliography of Reference works (Cole, 2004) for the study of 20th century China;

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (maintained by Hanno Lecher at Leiden University), for web sites related to Chinese studies.