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East Asia Library Guides: China

Chinese Studies Resources: Encyclopedias and Subject Dictionaries [Back to Table of Contents]

1. Modern

Cambridge Encyclopedia of China
Call# DS705 C35X 1991+ Starr Main Reference Room
"The Cambridge Encyclopedia of China provides an absorbing and authoritative account of China and all things Chinese - geography, politics, customs, food and drink, the arts, and a rich and colourful history, from ancient times through to the momentous events of the 1980s. The book is thus a uniquely broad-ranging account of China for everyone with an interest in the area, which will appeal both as a highly attractive illustrated reference book and as an invaluable source of practical information on China".

China : a historical and cultural dictionary
Call# DS733 C58523X 1998 SML, Starr Main Reference Room
Containing 1500 entries throughout Chinese history until present.

Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu (中国大百科全书)
A comprehensive encyclopedia, divided into many subject volumes. In East Asia Library Reference and in the SML stacks. Search Orbis by the above title to find the subject volume you are looking for.

Ci hai (辞海)
Call# PL1420 .T8622 2002+ East Asia Library Reference
A comprehensive word dictionary; can also be used as a compact encyclopedia.

Encyclopaedia Sinica
Call# DS705 C6 1983
East Asia Library Reference
Compiled by Samuel Couling in 1917. Still a valuable source of information for the study of foreign missionaries in China.

2. Premodern Encyclopedic Works

Gu jin tu shu jic heng (古今圖書集成)
Compiled in the early 18th century and is the largest encyclopedia in pre-modern China. It was intended to be a comprehensive survey of all branches of knowledge and includes a large amount of illustrations. Only available to the Yale community. Print version can be found in the East Asia Reading Room: Call# AE4 .K8 1985.

Zhongguo lei shu mu lu chu gao(中國類書目錄初稿)
Call# Z1035.8 C5 T45 East Asia Library Reference
An annotated bibliography of 300+ leishu titles, mostly premodern works.