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East Asia Library Guides: China

English-Language Journals from Pre-Communist China: A List of Periodical Presses

Please note the list only includes the publishers and institutions whose publications are in Yale collection. Search the publisher's name in Orbis to find its publications.

Academic, Scientific, Medical
Association of Chinese and American Engineers
Catholic University of Peking: S.V.D. Research Institute: Monumenta Serica Institute
China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture
China Society of Science and Arts
China. National Institute of Zoology and Botany
Chinese Chemical Society (Zhongguo hua xue hui)
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society
Chinese Geophysical Society (Zhongguo ke xue yuan ; Zhongguo di qiu wu li xue hui)
Chinese Medical Association (Zhonghua yi xue hui)
Chinese National Association for the Advancement of Education
Chinese National Committee on Intellectual Co-operation
Chinese Physiological Society (Zhongguo sheng li xue hui)
College of Agriculture, Canton Christian College
Collegian Stock Company
Fan Memorial Institute of Biology
Geological Survey of China
Liang Guang dizhi diaochasuo
Lingnan University
Lingnan University: College Student Union
Medical Missionary Association of China = Bo yi hui
Nankai University: Nankai Institute of Economics
National Medical Association of China
National Tsing Hua University
Peking Union Medical College: Student Body of Yenching School of Chinese Studies
Royal Asiatic Society Society of Great Britain and Ireland. North China Branch (ed.)
Royal Observatory
Ryojun College of Engineering
Science Society of China
Shanghai Science Institute
St. John's University
St. John's University: Department of Biology
Sun Yat-sen University: College of Agriculture, Botanical Institute University of Nanking.
University of Nanking: College of Agriculture and Forestry: Dept. of Agricultural Economics
Yenching University

Business, Economic, Financial
American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai
Central Bank of China
China inspectorate General of Customs: Statistical Dept.
China Ministry of Communications: Yu cheng ch'u chin hui yeh chü
China Ministry of Foreign Trade: Bureau of Foreign Trade
China Ministry of Industry: Bureau of Foreign Trade
China. National Tariff Commission
Chinese Government Bureau of Economic Information
East India Company
Foreign Trade Association of China.
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
South Manchuria Railway Co.
U.S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
Zhongguo nong min yin hang. Jing ji yan jiu chu (ed.)

A Companion to the Anglochinese kalendar (title)
Asiana (title)
China Critic Pub. Co.
China Digest Association
China Editorial Board [etc.]
China Forum Pub. Co.
China Outlook Pub. Co. China Quarterly Co.
China Truth Pub. Co.
China United Press
Chinese Nation Pub. Co.
Commercial Press Ltd.
East Asia Pub. Co.
Eastern Pub. Co.
Extrême Orient. A monthly review in English and French of Foreign
Interests in China. Revue des intérêts français et étrangers en Chine
Far Eastern mirror
Hong Kong Daily Press Office
Hong Kong Kuosin Agency
Kelly and Walsh.
Manchuria daily news
Millard Pub. Co.
Millard Pub. House
Millard's Pub. House
New China Pub. Co.
New China Review Office
North-China Herald Office.
Notes and queries on China and Japan
Office of the Chinese Repository
Oriental affairs
Peking Leader Inc.
South China Morning Post.
The Far East

Political and International Relations
China Institute of Pacific Relations
China International relations committee
Chinese League of Nations Union
Diplomatic Association
International Relations Committee. Information Committee
Municipal Council
National Academy of Peiping
National Academy of Peiping: Institute of Chemistry
National Academy of Peiping; Institute of Botany
National Central Library
Nationalist Party of China (Chung-kuo kuo min tang)
J.R. Lee Govt. Printer.
U.S. Embassy in China
U.S. Information Service

Arthington Press
Bible Union of China
Catholic Central Bureau
China Christian Educational Association.
Christian Literature Society for China
East China Christian Educational Association (E.C.C.E.A)
Methodist Pub. House in China
Multigraphed at the Catholic mission
National Committee of the Young Men's Christian Associations of China
Presbyterian Mission Press
Press of S. Wells Williams
Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowledge among the Chinese's Office
Society of Friends of the Moslems in China
The Missionary recorder
West China Missions Advisory Board
World's Chinese Students' Federation
Yale-in-China Association

Hong Kong. Botanical and Forestry Department
National Opium Suppression Committee
Radio Station XGGW
The Asia stamp journal
Tsingtao Development Association