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East Asia Library Guides: China

English-Language Newspapers from Pre-Communist China

Canton Register (Orbis record) and Hong Kong Register (Orbis record)

The Canton Press (Orbis record)

North China Herald family (Shanghai) **[Issues from 8/3/1850 to 12/31/1926 are available online from Access Newspaper Archive.]
North China Herald (Orbis record)
North China Herald and Market Report (Orbis record)
North-China herald and Supreme Court and Consular gazette (Orbis record)

Shanghai Times (Orbis record)

Peking Daily News (Orbis record)

The China Press (Shanghai) (Orbis record)

Peking Gazette (Orbis record)

The Peking Leader family
The Peking Leader (Orbis record)
The Leader (Peking) (Orbis record)
Peking Chronicle (Orbis record)

The Shanghai Gazette (Orbis record)