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Chinese Studies Resources: Research Guides [Back to Table of Contents]

Research guides may appear under other names such as "introduction to research" handbook, manual, etc. A research guide, often written by specialists in the field, usually includes explanatory text and bibliography; the text explains the basic issues in that field and the bibliography is normally annotated.

1. General or Comprehensive

Introduction to Research in Chinese Source Materials
Call# Z3105 C64+ 2000, East Asia Library Reference
A thorough guide to the basics of research in Chinese sources: language and writing, bibliography, indices and special subjects, chronology, biography, geography, and government. It uses Wade-Giles romanization, but a pinyin index is also provided. Exercises are also provided in the book.

Chinese History: A Manual (aka "Wilkinson")
Call# DS735 W695X13 2000, East Asia Library Reference
A highly-regarded research guide for the study of various aspects of Chinese history (up to the Republican period); suitable for researchers of different levels of expertises. The first section of the book discusses the basic issues (language, people, geography, chronology etc.) as well as the reference works dealing with these issues. The remainder of the book introduces primary sources by genre and by period. What researchers may find especially helpful is that Wilkinson gives context and sometimes evaluations to the sources, not just list them. It contains 4300 reference, primary, and secondary sources. This book is not intended to be a bibliography of secondary scholarship but it can be used as a bibliography of reference works and primary sources.

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
A comprehensive online research guide maintained by the Sinological Institute, Leiden University, Netherland.

2. Subject-Specific

Ming History: An Introductory Guide to Research
Call# DS753 M556 1994+ (in process to be relocated to East Asia Library Reference)
A research guide for studying Ming history.

The Search for Modern China
Call# DS754 S66 1999 CCL, Stacks; and its companion
The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection
Call# DS753.86 S33X 1999 CCL, Stacks
A widely acclaimed survey of modern China from 16th century to 1989. Many sources in the documentarycollection were translated into English for the first time.

Columbia guide to modern Chinese history
Call# DS755 S635X 2000 Starr Main Reference Room
A concise beginner's guide to Chinese history since 1780. Includes historical narratives, an annotated bibliography, and other helpful tools (chronology, key figures, etc.)

A Research Guide to China Coast Newspapers, 1822-1911
Call# Z6958.C5 R47 1965 East Asia Library Reference
An essential guide to using the newspapers published in the late Qing period.