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East Asia Library Guides: China

Chinese Studies Resources: Newspapers and Periodicals [Back to Table of Contents]

*This section covers Chinese-language newspapers and periodicals. For English-language newspapers and periodicals published in pre-Communist China, please see here for details.

1. Surveys of Publishing History

The books that provide overviews of the historical development of newspapers and periodicals in China can be useful reference tools for two reasons. First, they give valuable background information on particular newspapers or periodicals. Second, they may reveal the existence on newspapers and periodicalsthat have become obsolete to today's researchers. Some of the survey books are: The Chinese Periodical Press 1800-1912 (by R.S. Britton, 1933), and Zhongguo bao xue shi (by Gongzhen Ge, 1935 and later editions).

2. Major Historical Newspapers and Periodicals (-1950s)

Yale Library has some of the major newspapers and periodicals published in this period, such as:

Shen bao (申報), 1872-1949. Published in Shanghai. Shen bao suo yin is the index for the period between 1919-1928. There is also an online index for the period between 1872-1899.

Hua zi ri bao (華字日報), 1872-1941. Published in Hong Kong.

Da gong bao (大公報), 1902-1966. Published in Tianjin.

Dong fang za zhi (東方雜誌), 1904-1948. Published in Shanghai. An index is available for the whole period.

Wilkinson's China History: A Manual lists other important newspapers and periodicals in the Qing and the Republican period. Other reference tools, such as list of titles and cumulative indexes or tables of contents, are also helpful in identifying and using these historical publications. Please click here for a list of indexes that are available at Yale.

3. Contemporary Publications (1950s-)

Quan guo zhu yao bao kan zi liao suo yin (全国主要报刊资料索引): 1955-1966
A major index to Chinese periodicals and newspapers before the Cultural Revolution.
Call#: AI19 C5 C53 East Asia Library Reference

Bao kan zi liao suo yin (报刊资料索引): 1981-current
A major index of Chinese periodicals and newspapers.
Call#: AI19 C5 F88 East Asia Library Reference
Also available on CD-ROM (1978-2000 for index; 1995-2001 for full-text). Please ask the East Asia Library staff for access.

Chinese Academic Journals (中国学术期刊网)
Provides access to thousands of Chinese journals in the humanities and social sciences. Only available to members of the Yale community.

China Core Newspapers
Collects core newspaper articles from nearly 1,000 newspaper titles published in mainland China since 2000. Only available to members of the Yale community.

An index to Chinese or bilingual (Chinese/English) periodicals published in Hong Kong. Some full text articles are available.

National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals
Covers the period from 1857 till present, with 15,000,000 items from 15,000 newspapers and periodicals published in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Updated regularly with an average of 3,500,000 new entries every year.  Only available to members of the Yale community.

People's Daily Full Text Database
Provides access to the full text of People's Daily from 1946 to 2003. Only available to members of the Yale community. See the configuration guide here.

Periopath: Taiwan Periodicals Index
Includes citations to over 1.9 million articles from 4000 periodicals published in Taiwan, including both scholarly articles and general interest pieces. The subject coverage ranges from humanities to social sciences to science/technology/medicine. To get the full-text articles, please check Orbis first to see if they are available in the library; if not, please contact the East Asia Library staff (email: east.asia.library@yale.edu; telephone: 203-432-1794). Only available to members of the Yale community.

Zhonghua minguo qi kan lun wen suo yin (中华民国期刊论文索引): 1970-1996
A major index to Taiwan periodicals.
Call# A93 C472; Z6958 T34 C455 (cumulative version). Both are in the East Asia Library Reference.
For articles published after 1994, search National Central Library (Taiwan) Periodicals Index Database

4. Current Newspaper Web Sites

China: People's Daily (人民日报), Guangming Daily (光明日报), List of newspaper sites in China

Hong Kong: Ming Pao (明報), Singtao Daily (星島日報),  List of newspaper sites in Hong Kong

Taiwan: China Times (中國時報), United Daily (聯合報), List of newspaper sites in Taiwan

North America: World Journal (世界日報)