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East Asia Library Guides: China

Chinese Studies Resources: Modern and Contemporary Books [Back to Table of Contents]

1. Comprehensive Bibliographies

Minguo shi qi zong shu mu (民国时期总书目)
Multi-volume list of books published in the Republican Period (1911-1949). All the volumes are in the East Asia Library Reference, but each subject volume is shelved separately. To locate them, search the title in Orbis to find the call number of each subject volume.

2. Library Catalogs

Orbis and MORRIS
Orbis is the online catalog of Yale University Library. MORRIS is the online catalog of Yale Law Library catalog.

Union catalogs of many North American libraries; can be for building bibliography on a certain topic.

Zhongguo tu shu guan tu shu fen lei fa (中国图书馆图书分类法)
Call#: Z696 C5517 1990 East Asia Library Reference
Classification scheme used by the libraries in China. Could be useful for researchers going to China.

National Library of China
The biggest library in China. Users can search its catalog on its web site by clicking "馆藏检索". The online catalog includes bibliographic records of books, journals, newspapers, and dissertations published in China.

Peking University Library
A major academic library in China. Users can search its catalog on the web site: click "馆藏目录".

National Central Library (Taiwan)
The biggest library in Taiwan. Users can search the its online catalog and periodical index system from its web site.

Union Catalogue of Chinese Books in the UK