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East Asia Library Guides: China

Chinese Studies Resources: Western-Language Scholarship [Back to Table of Contents]

1. Comprehensive Bibliographies

Bibliography of Asian Studies Online
BAS is the most comprehensive bibliography in Asian studies as well as Chinese studies. In addition to articles, BAS Online covers books published between 1971 and 1991, but no monographic records are added to the database since 1992. For citations to books and articles between 1941 and 1970, use the annual bibliography in the Journal of Asian Studies (online issues available through JSTOR).

Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie
Call# Z3101 R45 (1st series: 1955-1970; 2nd series: 1983- ) East Asia Library Reference & Starr Main Reference Room
Selective annotated bibliography covering books and articles in western languages as well as in Chinese and Japanese on Chinese studies.

Bibliotheca Sinica (2nd ed.)
Call# Z3101 C67 1968 Starr Main Reference Room A standard bibliography of Western-language works on China up to 1921.

China in Western literature
Call# Z3101 Y83 1958 East Asia Library Reference
Covers 18,000 books (not articles) appearing between 1921 and 1956.

Index Sinicus
Z3101 .L87 1964 East Asia Library Reference
Covers articles appearing between 1920 and 1955.

2. Subject Bibliographies

Modern China Society, 1644-1970: An Analytical Bibliography (Vol. 1 Publications in Western Languages.)
Call# Z3101 S63 DIVINITY, Day Missions Room, Reference
Covers secondary works on the later empire.

Chinese religion in Western languages (-1980)
Chinese Religion : publications in Western languages (1981-1990)
Chinese religions : publications in western languages (1991-1995)
Chinese religions : publications in western languages (1996-2000)
A comprehensive bibliography of Western language works on Chinese religions.

3. Dissertations

Dissertations and Theses Full Text
Provides full text of North American dissertations (not limited to Chinese studies) since 1997. Abstracts of earlier dissertations are also available.

International Chinese Studies Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts Database
Provides citations to 9000 dissertations from North American and West European institutions on Chinese studies. Useful for finding dissertations from Europe.

Dissertations on China
1945-1970: Call# Z3106 G67
1971-1975: Call# Z3106 G67 Suppl.
1976-1990: Call# Z3106 G65 Suppl. 2 (available at Starr Main Reference Room and Divinity Library)
Provides citations to western-language (except Russian) dissertations on China. Arranged by topics.

Appendix: Japanese Scholarship

Bibliography of Oriental Studies (東洋学文献類目)
Comprehensive bibliographyof Japanese, Chinese, and Korean scholarship. Covers both books and articles. An online search interface is available.

Japanese Sinology: China-Related Bibliographies in Japanese