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East Asia Library Guides: Japan

Japanese Studies Resources: Encyclopedias  [Back to Table of Contents]

Kōdansha Encyclopedia of Japan
Kōdansha, 1983.  9 vols.
Call# DS805 K633 1983+ Oversize, East Asia Library Reference
The Kōdansha Encyclopedia of Japan is available directly online and through Japan Knowledge (see link below). A convenient English-language reference for preliminary research. Many entries offer short bibliographies for further reading. Proper name entry titles are accompanied by the Japanese vernacular.

Japan: an Illustrated Encyclopedia
Kōdansha, 1993.  2 vols.
Call# DS805 J264 1993+ Oversize, East Asia Library Reference
Includes over 4,000 color illustrations and photos, pictorial essays on special subjects, atlas, and historical chronology, 11,000 cross-referenced entries.

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Japan
Cambridge University Press, 1993.  1 vol.
Call# DS805 C36X 1993+ Oversize, Starr Main Reference Room
Contents classified by broad subject (e.g., geography, history, arts and literature). Provides excellent overviews of major Japanese figures, events, and institutions.

Kōdansha Bilingual Encyclopedia of Japan
Kōdansha, 1998. 1 vol.
Call# DS805 K6325 1998+ Oversize, East Asia Library Reference
English-language reference with the equivalent Japanese on the opposite pages. Divided into 7 thematic sections. Key terms conveniently located in the margins. Includes the postwar constitution and historical chronology.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture
Routledge, 2002.  1 vol.
Call# DS822.5 E516X 2002, Starr Main Reference Room
This encyclopedia is also available as an online book.
Short descriptions of the culturally significant people, events, and social issues in recent history; also covers the contemporary significance of long-standing institutions.

Sekai daihyakka jiten
Heibonsha, 33 vols.
Call# AE35.2 S4 Oversize, East Asia Library Reference
7th edition, 1960. Comprehensive Japanese-language encyclopedia, complete with index, supplement, and appendices of Japanese place names and contemporary scholarly writers. Entry titles in hiragana and kanji.
Dai Nihon hyakka jiten= Encyclopedia japonica 
Shōgakkan, 1967-1972.  23 vols.
Call# AE35.2 D3, East Asia Library Reference
Japanese-language encyclopedia; includes special volumes on Japanese arts and national treasures and extensive, detailed, color atlases of Japan and the world.

Koji ruien
Naigai Shoseki Kabushiki Kaisha, 1931-1936.  60 vols.
Call# Fv9327 K82 1931 (Yale classification), LSF (please place request in Orbis)
A traditional, Chinese-style, encyclopedic index of objects, events, and institutions that appear in pre-modern texts. Volumes classified by subject into 30 sections. Each entry gives an outline, sources, and the original passage. To search this reference, begin with the index (the last volume).

JapanKnowledge lets you access a number of encyclopedias and dictionaries in one search.
It provides access to the Kōdansha Encyclopedia of Japan in English and the Nihon daihyakka zensho in Japanese.