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Yale holdings

Please click here for a diagram of major Japanese newspapers at Yale.

Nihon keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞,  Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞,  Japan Times  
Japanese daily newspapers are collected in the SML Newspaper Reading Room.

Yomiuri Shinbun Online (読売新聞)
The Yomiuri Shinbun CD sets contain searchable Yomiuri newspaper articles from Meiji 7 (1874) to Showa 35 (1970). NERL (North East Research Libraries Consortium) has succeeded in creating a network version of these stand-alone Yomiuri Shinbun CD sets, and it is now available to the Yale community with login and password information. This database provides 87 years of full-text Yomiuri articles that can be searched by keyword, date, pagination, and subject / type of article, such as cultural sections, editorials or articles with photographs. Please contact East Asia Library for login name and password. Instructions for Using the Yomiuri Shinbun Online (PDF file)

Kikuzo II Visual
Full-text database of Asahi newspapers from 1945 to the present, including local issues (1998 - ). The database also includes full-text articles of AERA (1988.5 - present), Shukan Asahi (2004- present) and the newest edition of Chiezo.

Nikkei Telecom 21
One of Japan's largest business databases. It delivers all the latest news and gives you access to Nikkei's extensive news archive, business information, and corporate profiles. The database consists of five main sections: - News: Real-time Nikkei news wire service. (in Japanese and English) - Market & Economic Indicators: Stock Indexes, exchange rates, bond pricing and other economic indicators. - Full Text Article search: newspapers, magazines and newsletters. General papers, local papers, industry journals and etc.* - Company Search: Company profiles and financial information. - Who's Who Search: biographical information.

* Due to our current license agreement and fee structure, the database accesses only Nikkei-related publications, which excludes other newspapers such as Asahi and Sankei. However, library provides alternative ways to access these other newspapers.

** Only one concurrent user may access this database at anyone time. It sometimes takes a while to connect to the database; please wait until the database is fully connected; do not click the link multiple times.

Yale University Library Newspapers on Microfilm
This database provides newspaper titles available on microfilm at Yale.  Many entries also include helpful information on title change histories and holding dates for the library.  

Foreign Newspapers from the Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
CRL has archives of Japanese newspapers such as complete runs of the Asahi Shinbun and Kokumin Shinbun. Yale is a member of CRL and has access to their collection.  You can make requests for this material through Interlibrary Loan.   

LexisNexis Academic Universe
Full-text news and information service that provides access to current newspapers, magazines, transcripts, and business and legal information.

Contains nearly 8,000 recent newspaper articles from 118 countries and 22 languages, and 120 continuously updated newswires.  Please make sure to use Boolean search (using “and”, “or”, “not”) for searching phrases which would lead to very different results. 

Major Japanese Newspapers in English
  1. Japan Times online (1988 - present)
  2. Japan Times on microfilm (1897-  present)
  3. The Daily Yomiuri (1989 - present)
  4. The Mainichi Daily News (1993 - present)
  5. Nikkei Weekly (1991 - present)
Also, please search databases like Historical Newspapers Complete for coverage of Japan.

Index to Newspaper Article

Asahi shinbun kiji sōran
Nihon Tosho Sentā, 1985-1991
Taishō Zenki (大正前期編) Call# AI21 A84 A82 1991 (LC)+, SML Stack
Taishō Kōki (大正後期編) Call# AI21 A84 A83 1991 (LC)+, SML Stack
Shōwa hen (昭和編) Call# AI21 A84 A84 1991 (LC)+, LSF
Heisei hen (平成編) Call# AI21 A84 A84 1985 (LC)+, SML Stack

Compiled newspaper columns by period, year and events

Meiji nyūsu jiten
Mainichi Komyunikeshonzu, 1983-1994 9 vols.
Call# DS881.987 M44 1989+, East Asia Library Reference

Taishō nyūsu jiten
Mainichi Komyunikeshonzu, 1983-1994 8 vols.
Call# DS885.87 T33 1989+, East Asia Library Reference

Shōwa nyūsu jiten
Mainichi Komyunikeshonzu, 1983-1994 9 vols.
Call# DS888.2 S488 1990+, East Asia Library Reference

Dokyumento sengo no Nihon : shinbun nyūsu ni miru shakaishi daijiten
Ōzorasha, 1994-1998  50 vols.
Call# DS889.D66 1994+ Oversize, SML Stacks

Shinbun shūsei Meiji hennenshi
新聞集成 明治編年史
Zaisei Keizai Gakkai, 1934-1936 15 vols.
Call# DS882 .S54, SML Stacks

Shinbun shūsei Taishō hennenshi
新聞集成 大正編年史
Meiji Taishō Shōwa Shinbun Kenkyūkai, 1969-1987 15 vols.
Call# DS886 .S47,  SML Stacks

Shinbun shūsei Shōwa hennenshi
新聞集成 昭和編年史
Honpō Shoseki, 1983 21 vols.
Call# DS888.15 S54, SML Stacks

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