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East Asia Library Guides: Japan

Japanese Studies Resources: Periodical Indexes [Back to Table of Contents]

The databases below are all available online.

Magazine Plus is a large online index to journals and magazines.  Use it to search for articles in Japanese in the humanities and social sciences.  It includes the Zasshi kiji sakuin from 1975 (see NACSIS-IR and Zasshi Kiji Sakuin below for more coverage), academic journals (1945-2002), and also popular magazines (business, sports, hobbies) since 1981.

Zasshi kiji sakuin
The Zasshi kiji sakuin is a searchable database of over 15,000 general interest, academic, and medical titles from the National Diet Library's collection of periodicals. Zasshi Kiji Sakuin covers from 1948 to the present, while MagazinePlus includes data only back to 1975.

Web Oya
The Oya Sōichi Bunko is known for its strong collection of popular weekly, general interest, and women's magazines.   Web Oya lets you search about 400 different titles from 1988 to 1995.  For wider coverage from 1868 to 1995, consult their print version in the East Asia Library Reference.

This collection of searchable databases from the National Institute of Informatics brings together a wide range of scholarly information.   Most notably, you can use this resource to
1.    search for academic theses written on a particular topic since 1957 (gakui ronbun sakuin dētabēsu, GAKUI),
2.    search Japanese academic journals (sometimes with full text available, in the gakujutsu zasshi mokuji sokuhō detabēsu, SOKUHO),
3.    search for journal articles since 1948 (zasshi kiji sakuin, ZASSAKU)