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Japanese Studies Resources: Statistics [Back to Table of Contents]

Guide to Statistics

Statistical Materials for Learning about Japan
English-language guide to statistical information about Japan compiled by the National Diet Library. "It introduces major statistical materials on Japan written in English, or in both Japanese and English, in the form of printed publications and Internet information. A bibliographical note is added to each piece of material. As a rule, the statistics presented are linked to relevant Internet sites in English, even for those available only in printed form".

Japanese version of NDL’s guide to statistical information. List is more comprehensive than English materials. Materials are listed under categories such as long-term statistics, comprehensive statistics, summarized statistics, primary data for each specialized categories such as population and labor.

Guide to official statistics in Japan
Complied by the Statistics Bureau of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Provides explanation of government statistical system in Japan and detailed explanations of statistical resources (their purpose, contents, major topics and internet sites if available).

Statistics Bureau - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Provide downloadable statistical information from the Statistics Bureau and other statistical sources such as the Nihon tōkei nenkan in EXCEL format. This site also offers keyword searches of statistics available in Japan.

Comprehensive statistics

Nihon tōkei nenkan = Japan statistical yearbook
Exhaustive and systematic statistical resource. Contains around 750 types of statistical data in 27 categories and 50 charts and graphs. Each chapter provides both the original source for the statistics and the methodology fof the surveys. Excel and PDF versions can be downloaded. Categories are in English and Japanese. Library has the paper version from 1945 to the present.

Historical statistics

Historical Statistics of Japan
“… collected and organized important time-series data from a vast amount of statistics covering various fields including land, population, economy, society and culture and compiled them systematically into the "Historical Statistics of Japan." The statistics covered in this publication range from 1868 to date. …The Historical Statistics of Japan contains 879 statistical tables in 31 fields.”

International comparison

Japan: An International Comparison
This is an annual guide published by The Keizai Koho Center. It provides comparative statistics on many different topics with many tables and graphs.

Public Opinion

Database for US nationwide public opinion surveys. Key words are retrieved by full-text questions.

Public Opinion as reported by the Japanese Cabinet Office
Provides many public opinion surveys conducted by the Japanese Cabinet Office as CSV files. Opinion surveys on popular topics such as domestic life, society, and foreign relations are listed in its categories annually. One may browse other topics, organized by the year the survey was conducted. No English page available.


Gender Statistic Database