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Japanese Studies Resources: Translations [Back to Table of Contents]

Locating English Translations of Japanese Works

The best way to find translation is to search in ORBIS or WorldCat by the title or author of the work you are looking for to see whether a translation is available. If you do not find what you are looking for, consider looking in the following print guides. In addition, there is numbers of ways to find some translations in academic journal articles. Please contact with librarians for maximizing the findings.

Index Translationum: International Bibliography of Translations
Indexes translations of books from 1979 to present published in UNESCO member countries. Covers all disciplines. Does not include periodicals, articles, patents and brochures. Search by author, title, original language, target language, country published in, publisher, translator, subject, and date. Includes resources for translators.

Translations of Japanese Noh plays
 “List of noh plays in alphabetical order of the Japanese titles. All 253 plays in the repertoire of the five schools have been included, together with some plays that are no longer performed(bangai yôkyoku), some newer compositions, and other plays of interest.”  The site is build by Michael Watson at Meiji Gakuin.

LTCB international library selection
Formerly, The LTCB International Library and currently The International House publish English translations of Japanese nonfiction titles.  Many are academically oriented and subjects are not only in literature, but history, religion and social science.

Japanese and Chinese Classic Films: Translation and Subtitling Project
This project translated and subtitling five Japanese and two Chinese classic films.

Translations Published in Monumenta Nipponica
“Translations have been a major feature of MN since the inaugural issue in 1938. This index lists all the translations that have been published in the journal in the ensuing decades, both those identified as such in the title and those appearing under another name. The focus is on integral works and selections from longer pieces, but an effort has also been made to include substantial excerpts cited in articles. The majority of the translations are from Japanese into English, which since 1963 has been the sole language of publication, but early issues included many translations from Japanese into other Western languages, particularly German. The index also lists translations from works in languages other than Japanese, such as Chinese and Portuguese, that have appeared in the journal.” – from Monumenta Nipponica Home Page

Eléments de Bibliographie. Ouvrages Traduits du Japonais d'Études en Langues Occidentales sur le Japon.
Herail, Francine.
First chapter
Call# Z3308 L5 H47 1986 (LC), East Asia Library Reference

Bibliography of translations from the Japanese into Western languages from the 16th century to 1912
by Inada, Hide Ikehara.
Call# Z3308 T7 I52 (LC), East Asia Library Reference

Japanese Literature 1868 to the Present

Japanese Literature in Translation Search
This database offers bibliographic information on works of Japanese literature that have been translated into various languages. One can search by original title, translated title, author, translator, translated language, publisher, and date of publication. Although they vary, searched entries occasionally provide pagination, place of publication, and the original source of the translated material.

Modern Japanese Literature in Translation: a Bibliography 
Call# Z3308 L5 K66 1979, East Asia Library Reference

Japanese Literature in Foreign Languages, 1945-1995
Japan P.E.N. Club, c1997.
Call# Z3308 L5 J353X 1997, East Asia Library Reference

Modern Japanese Literature in Translation: a Bibliography.
Compiled by the International House of Japan Library.
Kōdansha International, 1979.
Call# Z3305 L5 K66 1979, East Asia Library Reference

Literature Prior to 1868

For premodern Japanese literature, consult this list of translations from classical Japanese up to 1600 compiled by Michael Watson.

Locating Japanese Translations of Foreign Language Works

Hon’yaku tosho mokuroku : Meiji, Taisho, Showa senzenki 翻訳図書目録 : 明治・大正・昭和戦前期
Call# Z3301 .H665 2006, East Asia Library Reference

Hon’yaku tosho mokuroku翻訳図書目録 series
Information on translations published in 1945-76, 77-84, 84-88
Call# Z3301 H66, LSF

Sekai no mita Nihon :Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan shozō Nihon kankei hon’yaku tosho mokuroku / Corp
Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan (Japan). ; Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan (Japan).; Senmon Shiryōbu.
世界のみた日本 : 国立国会図書館所蔵日本関係翻訳図書目録 / 国立囯会図書館 (Japan). 国立国会図書館 (Japan). 専門資料部.
Call# Z3309 K364 1989, East Asia Library Reference
Complied list of Western works on Japan Studies.  Most of them are translations into Japanese language.

For literary works

Meiji hon’yaku bungaku zenshū. Hon’yakuka hen / henshū Kawado Michiaki, Nakabayashi Yoshio, Sakakibara Takayoshi. 明治翻訳文学全集. / 編集川戸道昭, 中林良雄, 榊原貴敎.
Call# PN6065.J3 M45 1996, SML, Stacks, LC Classification (Shinbun zasshi; 新聞雑誌編)
Call# PN6065.J3 M453 2002, SML, Stacks, LC Classification (Hon’yakuka hen: 翻訳家編)

Hon’yaku shōsetsu zenjōhō 翻訳小説全情報 series
Information on translations published in 45-92, 93-97, 1998-2000, 2001-03 and 2004-06
Call# Z3308 L5 H659, East Asia Library Reference