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East Asia Library: Staff Directory

The East Asia Library Staff Directory

*The area code is 203 for all the phone numbers.

Head Ellen Hammond  韓愛倫 432-1791 ellen.hammond@yale.edu
Library Services Assistant Mary Bradway  白瑪麗 432-1790 mary.bradway@yale.edu
Collection Development & Research Support
Librarian for Chinese Studies
Michael Meng
 孟振華 432-4438 michael.meng@yale.edu
Librarian for Japanese Studies Haruko Nakamura 中村治子 432-1792 haruko.nakamura@yale.edu
Public Services Librarian
Tang Li 李唐 432-1794 tang.li@yale.edu
Korean Library Fellow
Youngaie Kim
金英愛  432-1859 youngaie.kim@yale.edu
Technical Services
Head, Technical Services Keiko Suzuki 鈴木啟子 432-2778 keiko.suzuki@yale.edu
Chinese Technical Services Librarian Ts-Ching Kao 高子經 436-9847 ts-ching.kao@yale.edu
Japanese Technical Services Librarian Yukari Sugiyama 杉山由香利  436-9846 yukari.sugiyama@yale.edu
Bibliographic Assistant Law Cho Chin 卓犖 432-8220 law.chin@yale.edu
Bibliographic Assistant Michiko Hughes ヒューズ美智子 432-2786 michiko.hughes@yale.edu
Bibliographic Assistant Yuka Tetrault
テットロート由香 432-2786 yuka.tetrault@yale.edu
Bibliographic Assistant Baolan Wu 吴宝兰 432-8215 baolan.wu@yale.edu