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[March 29, 2006]

The Teaching and Learning Collaborative -- Application Details for Course Support

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The Teaching and Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a pilot program sponsored by a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation* to explore new ways to connect Yale faculty to the course support services they need across campus.

Through the program, Yale faculty meet with Course Support consultants who can assist in the planning, creation, organization, and assessment of courses designed around the 2003 Yale College curriculum reforms that aim to enhance undergraduate language, writing, quantitative reasoning, and research skills.

For more information on the curriculum reforms see the Committee on Yale College Education CYCE Report.

Course Support provides assistance and resources in three general areas:

  1. Access to Library and Gallery Collections: Content specialists can help find and make available for teaching texts, images, and objects at Yale and beyond. In some cases these holdings can be digitized, copied, or otherwise made available to students through object study classrooms or special exhibits.

  2. Access to Instructional Technology and Training: Instructional technology specialists can identify the best hardware and software for giving faculty and students access to course materials. Faculty might also receive training in the use of information technologies, and support throughout the semester, as would their students.

  3. Access to Pedagogical Consultation and Assessment: Pedagogical and assessment consultations can help maximize the instructional benefit of the services listed above, and capture and measure changes in student learning, interest, skills or motivation.

Faculty will work with the Course Support consultants to clarify support needs and in some cases identify sources and needs in a timely manner to assure successful assistance for the course.

In addition, supported faculty will be expected to participate in one or two interviews about their expectations for the course and support sought, as well as their reflections on the experience.

As appropriate, The Teaching and Learning Collaborative would appreciate evidence of the students' work to help understand changes in learning. Faculty may be asked to contribute to an information forum or project web site.

Whether you want to:

  • engage students to use library and gallery collections,
  • improve support for Teaching Assistants,
  • advance student research skills,
  • explore new pedagogical approaches,
  • incorporate digital materials into courses, or
  • assess the effectiveness of course components

the Teaching and Learning Collaborative can help streamline the process of course development and redesign by putting you in touch with the services you need.

To initiate a consultation, please provide the following information in a brief document, not to exceed three pages:

Email address:
Phone number:
Academic department:

Course for which support is sought:
Semester when it will be taught:

Current state of the course: Please describe the course you want to enhance. In your description, please include, to the extent you can:

  • Size and format of the current course, including number of Teaching Fellows if any.
  • Assignments, exams and any other graded material
  • Position within the curriculum, e.g. introductory or advanced
  • Primary and secondary pedagogical objectives, i.e. what knowledge and skills are students expected to learn and demonstrate.
  • Strengths and weaknesses, with particular attention to aspects of the course that need to be changed, eliminated, or enhanced.
  • Additional sources of support requested [e.g. Moore funds, Instructional Innovation grants]

Proposed changes to the course: Please describe the changes you envision. Your description might include:

  • University collections expected to be used [in libraries or galleries]
  • New materials, texts, or objects for study
  • New modes of classroom delivery
  • New access to materials out of class
  • New formats or structures for in and out-of-class learning
  • New tests, assignments or other modes of assessment

Desired outcomes: Please describe the outcomes you hope to achieve. Your description might include:

  • Improvement to modes of teaching and course preparation
  • Development of new teaching skills and approaches
  • Changes in student behavior, class participation, modes of study
  • Changes in the roles and pedagogical preparation of teaching fellows
  • Changes in student learning, including knowledge, research skills, and attitudes
  • Enhancements to other courses within the curriculum and beyond
  • Enhancements to collections, personal and within the University

Applications will be received on a rolling basis, and will be acknowledged when received. Send completed applications to Eli@Yale.edu.

For additional information or assistance in completing the application, please e-mail Eli@Yale.edu or contact a member of The Teaching and Learning Collaborative:

  • Ed Kairiss, Director, Instructional Computing, Instructional Technology Services
    [Edward.Kairiss@Yale.edu or by phone 432-6637]
  • Danuta Nitecki, Associate University Librarian for Public Services [Danuta.Nitecki@Yale.edu or by phone 432-1818]
  • Bill Rando, Director, McDougal Graduate Teaching Center
    [William.Rando@Yale.edu or by phone 432-7702]
  • Karen Kupiec, Manager, Web, Workstation, and Digital Consulting Services
    [Karen.kupiec@Yale.edu or by phone 432-4099]

* The grant was received in January 2005 from the Davis Educational Foundation established by Stanton and Elisabeth Davis after his retirement as chairman of Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc.



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