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AFAM 162b/HIST 187b
African American History: from Emancipation to the Present
Professor Jonathan Holloway

Insight Orientation

Insight 3.1 consists of two modes: the Group Window and the Image Workspace. The Group Window is the starting point for finding and displaying images. The Image Workspace is the mode for working with images (e.g. zooming, panning, scrolling) and for creating and showing presentations. Data records for each image can be viewed in either the Group Window or the Image Workspace.

Group Window

Image Workspace

Navigation between the Group Window and the Image Workspace

Double-clicking on a thumbnail in the Group Window brings the image into the Image Workspace. Images can be manipulated in the Image Workspace. Return to the Group Window by selecting the arrow located at the bottom left of the Image Workspace toolbar. Return to the Image Workspace from the Group Window by clicking "Return" on the Group Window menu. [Keyboard shortcut: Enter "r" to navigate between the Group Window and the Image Workspace.
Full list of keyboard shortcuts]

Presentation Thumbnail Window

The Presentation Thumbnail Window appears in the Image Workspace when you are creating a presentation.

More documentation on navigating and using the Group Window and Image Workspace can be found at the Luna Imaging Web Site under the support section, http://www.lunaimaging.com/support/documentation.html

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